Covid-19Why Vaccine Storage and Monitoring Is Important

Can we ever forget the beginning of 2020? The year that messed up the world and the way we all lived before that? The pandemic has turned things upside down. We are homebound (most of the time) and everyone is highly focused on maintaining their immunity. However, thanks to technology and science, vaccinations have started rolling in and although it is not a permanent solution, these vaccines are promising enough to boost your immunity against Covid-19.

But there is a lot that goes into consideration when vaccines are received in a country. They need to be stored accurately and their temperature monitoring is also very crucial. This is where a vaccine temperature monitoring device is important and the right techniques and practices for storing the vaccines is also crucial.

Did you know that a  vaccine can lose its potency if it is not stored properly or it is exposed to a lot of heat. This is why a temperature monitoring device is vital as it helps in keeping a close eye at the storage temperature and maintaining it precisely. Once the vaccine loses its optimal temperature, it loses its potency too and it cannot be attained again, no matter what you do.

Vaccine Storage Units and vaccine temperature monitoring sensors

CDC is working closely to provide medical workers with accurate guidelines to protect vaccines. They are also giving additional advice and outlines about different techniques that can boost the protection systems of vaccines.

There are a variety of vaccine storage units which are specifically designed for this purpose. However, CDC states that household units like refrigerators and freezers are also a good option to store the vaccine, under the right circumstances.

The purpose built units are also known as “pharmaceutical grades” and are specially designed for storing vaccines. These units usually come with built-in digital temperature monitoring sensors and fans that provide the right amount of air circulation.

Temperature Monitoring Advice by CDC

The vaccine temperature monitoring device does help in maintaining the optimal storage temperature but there are some practices that one must know about. The temperature range must be maintained between 2 and 8 degree celsius for refrigerators. For freezers, it should be between -50 and -15 degrees celsius. The thermostats for both these units should be set on the midpoint temperature or the factory set one.

Now, no matter which unit you use to store vaccines, you must have a temperature monitoring device. It is also known as a digital data logger. These devices are extremely helpful as they provide you with 100% accurate readings. They also provide you with other minor details about the unit processing and its temperature. Moreover, the device provides you with all the data regarding different temperatures that are recorded at present intervals too. The data can be downloaded on a computer through the device too with the help of a specific software that is designed for DDL. The data can be easily stored for up to 3 years too.

These devices are not like simple thermometers and you shouldn’t assume them as one tiehr. If your hospital or healthcare center is indulged in storing vaccines, then you must have these devices in abundance.


A vaccine temperature monitoring device is crucial for vaccine storage units and emergency or non-emergency storage units too. Given the situation of the pandemic and the third wave of Covid-19 hitting the world harshly, it is important to have a good amount of TMD as a backup is instantly needed in such times.

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