TelemedicineWhy Telemedicine Apps are the Present and Future of the Healthcare Industry

Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine was already on its way to changing the phenomenon of healthcare. Fast-forwarding to 2022, it is not just a mere progression but an absolute necessity.

Digital healthcare has made it possible to address health issues across remote areas of the world by creating a patient-centered care paradigm. By bridging the gap between professional caregivers and patients, telemedicine can be described as an inestimable blessing imparted by technology in today’s world.

Telemedicine offers a virtual caregiving approach to medical healthcare professionals and has positively mitigated the physician shortage worldwide. Patients are now more inclined towards getting health checkups from the comfort of their homes.

The latest telemedicine app market expansion is the ultimate proof of why it will empower traditional medicine and emerge as the future of the healthcare industry. Offering you a sliver idea of how fast the market is expanding, here are a few of the latest statistics for the same:

  • As per PersistenceMarketResearch, the global telemedicine market size was $12,893.8 million in 2022.
  • The market is expected to witness a market share of $ 33,373.8 million by the year 2028, which sums up to a staggering 17.2% CAGR between 2022 and 2028.

Thus, it is evident that the telemedicine market is on an unprecedented rise. Now is the right time to invest in a telemedicine mobile app if you wish to pave the way for healthcare disruption. Since digital healthcare is a tough nut to crack, a dedicated healthcare mobile app development company can help you create a telemedicine app with a digital-first approach.

Telemedicine Apps as the Future of the Healthcare Industry: Understanding the Advantages

Telemedicine app development has seamlessly become an integral part of the digital healthcare ecosystem. From simplifying medical processes to improving patient care, these apps have brought a myriad of advantages to the healthcare forefront.

A digitized telemedicine platform can help medical professionals streamline everyday workflow, thereby reducing the overall burden on the medical staff. Things that were done manually and required additional effort can now be done with just a few clocks. From pulling up prescriptions, managing health records, scheduling appointments, arranging tests and scans, analyzing reports, and, most importantly, connecting with patients in remote areas, the advantages of telemedicine apps have streamlined healthcare solutions.

A dedicated mobile app for patients designed by a professional healthcare mobile app development company can also help you achieve the required digital health trajectory. The app will allow patients to schedule appointments with healthcare professionals, access their health records, analyze their prescriptions, adhere to medical suggestions, and engage with their care providers in real time.

Thus, a custom telemedicine app for your business and your user base can help you efficiently manage the workflows and optimize the business processes. Digitization of healthcare solutions via telemedicine apps also minimizes errors and improves productivity.

Telemedicine apps can optimize the operation of billings, submissions, and reimbursements while adding to the convenience and saving necessary time. They further emphasize clear patient-doctor communication and pave the way for more personalized caregiving.

Some other benefits of investing in telemedicine apps include cost-cutting and saving time due to lesser commutes, easily tracking patients at home, offering accessible and convenient healthcare, hassle-free payments, etc.

Best Telemedicine Apps that Dominate the Healthcare Industry

1. BetterHelp

It is one of the best telemedicine apps in the digital health industry that allows its patients to connect with mental health professionals in real-time. Patients have access to personalized healthcare with the help of video chats and messaging features. The advanced counseling team of professionals effectively deals with anxiety, depression, etc. From offering individual therapy to family and couple support; BetterHelp has made its way to the top of the best telemedicine apps. The app has an annual revenue of $100 million to $200 million.

2. Teladoc

Teladoc is another healthcare app that has improved the process of offering remote healthcare. The users can sign up with the app and get access to multiple doctors across the area who deal with specific health-related issues. All they have to do is get an appointment, pay the fees and discuss their problems with a dedicated medical professional in the convenience of their home. The app has an annual revenue of about $2.03 billion.


Another one of the best telemedicine apps across the continent is MDLIVE. The app specializes in offering urgent care as well as several other behavioral healthcare issues. From dermatology support to alopecia to treatment for insect bites, there isn’t any issue patients can’t discuss with healthcare professionals that are available 27×7. The overall annual revenue of this telemedicine app was $116.1 billion in 2021.

4. KeyCare

Another notable name in the telemedicine app industry is KeyCare. The app has revolutionized access to digital healthcare by offering unique services to its users. It is a one-stop solution for digital health needs that offers its users virtual access to more than fifty urgent-care specialists available 24×7. The app has been further successful in receiving $24 million in series A funding.

Many other telemedicine apps have made a name for themselves in the digital health market by offering seamless healthcare services to their user base. Thus, now is the right time if you wish to hop onto this revenue stream and deliver quality healthcare to your patients with a custom telemedicine app.

Are Telemedicine Apps the Way Forward?

There is no denying that telemedicine is here to stay, but is your business ready to hop onto this lucrative investment opportunity?

Telemedicine is way more efficient than traditional caregiving practices. Thus, telemedicine apps have moved to the center of the healthcare ecosystem. From improving the effectiveness of appointments, reducing hospitalization rates, and increasing access to global healthcare professionals, telemedicine is indeed the way forward.

Even if it took a pandemic and a health crisis to prove its importance, the best telemedicine apps would break ground for improved healthcare and an amended patient-doctor relationship.

As people across every walk of life now embrace a smartphone, the potential for effective telemedicine apps is indefinitely bound to increase. A custom telemedicine app developed by a skillful healthcare mobile app development company can help you rise as the next potentate of the digital health ecosystem. It can help you adhere to the mandatory security standards and deliver a multidisciplinary healthcare approach.

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