Health ITWhy An Appointment Reminder Service Is Important

Reminding patients of their scheduled appointment times is vital for a rendering practitioner to keep their business running smoothly. If you have missed appointments or people running late, it causes a disruption in services for others and prevents the doctor from rendering adequate care. It is not only a waste of valuable time, but it costs the practice money and potential clients.

Fortunately, in the age of technology, you can incorporate the use of an appointment reminder service as a way to simplify the process of connecting with patients to remind them of their appointments. Staff is relieved of the time-consuming process of daily phone calls in favor of more pressing tasks. Yet the messages are still relayed automatically via voice, text, or SMS, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

Advantages Of Using Appointment Reminder Services

The reasons patients miss their appointments are many, but the majority of the time, they merely forget. At times schedules become too hectic to keep the dates and times straight with other things happening, or you may be of an advanced age making it difficult to keep track of what could be a multitude of appointments. In these situations, receiving a message to refresh your memory would be helpful so that you can write it down or possibly reschedule if there is a conflict. Other ways this type of service is advantageous:

  • The practice would see a great benefit from patients receiving reminder messages in that the amount of ‘no-shows’ would significantly decrease. The empty spots that remain from these missed appointments are a massive inconvenience for a practitioner’s schedule. A big issue is a loss imposed on the client needing the date or those who could use the spot. It wastes a lot of time and prevents patients from receiving necessary treatment.
  • In many professional practices, there are long waiting lists of clients who are anxious to be seen but aren’t able to due to already excessive loads of clients. With automated reminders, patients receive an advanced notice allowing them to either cancel or reschedule if they so desire. It gives the patients on the waiting list an opportunity to get in rather than going to a different office that may be able to offer service sooner. Follow to read about the appointment reminder trend.
  • People today live exceedingly busy lives with careers, family, wellness routines, households, trying to juggle everything becomes a challenge with something bound to get lost in the mix at some point. Unfortunately, it usually ends up being a missed appointment. Almost everyone is appreciative of some type of electronic communication that allows a response from them as they’re able. Providing such a service improves the rate at which clients are willing to respond drastically. Typically, there is a sense of embarrassment if an appointment passes by without you remembering, mainly if you are a longer-term patient. This service is a gentle reminder to reschedule without scolding.
  • The incorporation of a lot of valuable time and effort from administrative staff goes into making calls to clients to remind them of their upcoming appointments or to reschedule missed appointments. The time spent is often wasted with messages left on voice mails or playing phone tag with patients. Time doing this can have greater use on much more critical patient care duties. With automated reminder systems, eliminating all the work involved in making phone calls is possible. Some of these services have a set up where they can recover forgotten appointments and generate a new date for that client.
  • Quality of care is improved when the system for reminding patients of appointments is automated. The schedule remains full, as patients are less likely to miss a scheduled time. It allows the doctor to focus on their set appointments and provide a quality patient experience for the clients who are meant to be seen. The day proceeds smoothly, no patient feels rushed or slighted, and everyone can accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively. Read here why these services work.

The ideal benefit of using automatic messaging with clients is the fact that they can be sent out after-hours or on weekends when people are readily available to receive them. You are essentially adding time to your clinic hours in providing this service to those you cater to with no added expense to the business. It is a way for you to maximize a connection and the amount of communication that you have with each of the clients that you see.

If you want to run your office as smoothly as possible and have clients that feel a certain degree of importance, providing appointment reminders is vital to maximizing these advantages. With the busy nature of the world around us, time is valuable and fleeting. Clients’ lives are hectic and chaotic, meaning these messages could be the single most essential thing you do to ensure your place on their to-do list.

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