GeneralWho is to blame for Medical Negligence?

Doctors are the ones who get the most significant blame for medical negligence, followed by nurses. The hospital and its administration are the most affected, as they are the ones who bear the brunt of the responsibility. Unfortunately, we must face the truth that malpractice is not always the fault of the hospital or medical staff. Usually, the sufferer is the one who causes damage by giving incorrect information to healthcare personnel or interfering with the equipment/treatment. An outsider sometimes causes the patellar tendon damage.

 What’s next?

Sometimes, it’s simple a lawsuit is filed. If a settlement/negotiation is reached, it’s all fine for both sides. If it fails, the matter goes to trial, and a protracted trial may or may not occur. Verdict, money, and everyone goes home. Often the hospital or professionals acknowledge making a medical error and attempt to correct it until it becomes fatal.

Medical negligence is an omission by a healthcare practitioner. The treatment provided deviates from established medical standards of practice and results in harm or death. Clinical negligence is a term that describes a medical doctor’s or consultant’s unlawful behavior.

How did Medical Negligence happen?

Medical negligence has occurred in various forms over the years; Sometimes, it is due to a misdiagnosis, wrong medical treatment, or drug. Maybe, the patient is noncompliant or gives false information. There may be a lack of coordination, underqualified doctors/nurses, or an absence of them. There is a miscommunication, a lack of communication; doctors make mistakes, patients/next of kin are insane, Perhaps the hospital refuses to admit and treat patients.

 Specific indications either you are the victim of medical malpractice?

The most crucial piece of proof you may utilize to back up your claim is your medical record, and it depicts your initial state, the therapy you got, and your post-treatment condition. It is one piece of evidence that is part of any claim for medical negligence.

A change in medication dosage or flow rate, or a patient act of destruction, can all be placed on the hospital, with the process itself serving as a cover-up for the medical practitioners’ incompetence. A post-surgery X-ray revealing a knife or instruments inside the body, or removing implants to discover a ball of cotton inside, are also examples of medical negligence.

Medical Negligence Claim

Pursuing a medical negligence solicitor might appear overwhelming to most persons who have little or no legal expertise. However, with the appropriate guidance and information, you can make the decisions for your future.

Medical Malpractice is an alarming situation in Pakistan

To deal with medical malpractice in their areas of jurisdiction, the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act 2010 and the Sindh Healthcare Commission Act 2013 are applicable.

In Section 318 within the Penal code, it is said that:

“Whoever, holding without any possible intention leading to the death or disastrous harm to the sufferer leads to the harmful death prospects of those people by mistake of the practitioner is termed as “Murder by mistake.”

Section 321 states:

“If anyone who by any of the act became responsible for taking the life of any other human being though unintentionally, but still would be considered a murder” murder without intention.”

There is an urgent need to investigate Pakistan’s healthcare system. Medical training must also be closely monitored and the control of duty time and job performance by health personnel, protection under the law for patients and physicians, sufficient pay for doctors, and periodic evaluations of professional competency.

Medical negligence should be avoided, and doctors should be held responsible through criminal sanctions, according to the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) and other regulating agencies. To prevent such medical negligence cases, there should be proper training plans that can cover the negligence committed by the medical practitioners. Within various affirmed and competent medical practitioners, the definite range of medical negligence cases, if enhancing, is highly condemnable. To become a true variant of the case, that must avoid the over-roaming of the ideological upbreak fostered in various domains. The services of National health saviors, our doctors are amazingly appreciable.

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