GeneralWhat Is PEMF and How Does It Work

If you’ve read anything about health and wellness in recent years, you’ve likely stumbled upon the term “PEMF therapy.” Although it has been around and safely used for nearly fifty years, PEMF therapy has received a renewed interest in recent years. The growth of PEMF therapy’s use in clinics and at home is largely due to the proliferation of studies regarding PEMF therapy and its use in numerous different health applications.

What exactly is PEMF therapy?  

The Basics of PEMF

 “PEMF” stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF therapy involves taking pulses of electromagnetic energy and applying them to the body via a mat, wand, or other application device. This energy is transmitted directly to the body’s cells, where it can be used to carry out standard bodily functions. Adequate energy can lead to improved circulation, better sports performance, improved wound healing, and far more.  

How PEMF Works

All PEMF therapy machines are made up of a few key components: waveform, frequency, and intensity. The waveform of a machine describes the shape of a pulse of electromagnetic energy as it both enters and leaves the body. A wave that enters quickly, persists, and exits quickly creates a square shape and is called a square waveform. A pulse that enters the body and leaves in rapid succession creates a sawtooth-like shape and is called a sawtooth waveform. The third most common shape is the sine, which is created when a pulse of energy gradually builds in the body, reaches a peak, and gradually falls.

The frequency of a machine is the rate at which a pulse of energy enters and leaves the body. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and is categorized as either low frequency and high frequency. Low frequency machines are most frequently used in home settings and for chronic or mild illnesses, while high frequency machines are more often used in clinical settings and for acute or more severe issues that necessitate professional medical oversight.

The intensity of a machine is measured in Gauss, is categorized as either high or low frequency, and is best described as the power behind the machine. Although it might seem as though higher power is better, a low-intensity machine is the type of machine that is commonly used at home, and is surprisingly effective in managing a host of common and persistent health issues.  

What PEMF Therapy Is Used to Treat

PEMF therapy is not used as a primary therapy for most conditions, but can act as a secondary or supplemental therapy to issues as diverse as mental health conditions, tumors, and wound healing. PEMF therapy has been linked to a truly enormous number of ailments, and is frequently regarded as a source of immense value for general health and wellness. Because it is low risk, extremely safe, and effective, PEMF therapy can be used for most conditions and ailments, even if it is not the first or only intervention being used.  

How PEMF Therapy Can Help You

PEMF therapy is a virtually risk-free therapy treatment that can target issues from chronic pain to an acute wound and its healing speed. Whether you have a small issue, such as a sprained ankle, or a more serious concern, such as depression that resists treatment, PEMF therapy can be used to improve your health and diminish symptoms.

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