Health ITWhat Is Online Counselling and How Does Online Counselling Help?

The internet is not used to stay connected to love ones and to maintain your online social life. Today, it has become an extremely efficient way to get professional help of all kinds. As the numbers of stress, depression and other forms of psychological problems is increasing, the internet has provided an excellent and efficient solution in the form of Online Counselling.

Leading psychology centres, such as Cadabam’s in Bengaluru are prominent and reliable for providing the best and most effective online therapy services in India.

Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Online counselling is known by many names, including:

  • E-Therapy
  • E-Counseling
  • Teletherapy
  • Cyber-Counseling

The main aim of online counselling is to provide mental health support and services through the internet.

Types of Online Counseling Services

There are several types of online counselling services provided, depending on the medium of online communication used in each.

Top online counselling centres, such as Cadabam’s in Bengaluru use numerous online media to provide psychological support services, including:

  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Internet phone call
  • Real-time instant messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile interactive apps

These are the primary and more prominent tools used to offer online counselling services to patients anywhere and at any time. Despite its limitations, online therapy is fast becoming a more preferred form of counselling to a large number of patients. The remarkable efficiency and convenience offered by online counselling are the major reasons for the growing popularity of online counselling services.

How Is Online Counseling Different From Regular Counseling?

Apart from the use of the internet, there are several significant differences between online counselling and regular counselling.

Some of the major differences between online counselling and regular counselling are:

  • Farther reach – Online counselling is an excellent and efficient choice for patients who live in far-off or rural places. For these, online counselling offers a complete range of mental health support and services without the need to travel for hours to go to a conventional therapy session.
  • More convenient – The ability to receive mental support and psychology services from the comfort of their homes makes online counselling the more preferred option for those suffering from physical disabilities too.
  • Affordable mental healthcare – As compared to regular therapy sessions at your psychiatrists’ clinic, the online counselling sessions are more affordable. As you can engage with your therapist from the comfort of your home, it saves you the time and expense of traveling to their clinic.

What Can I Talk to My Counselor About?

You can talk about anything with your online counselor. Online therapy is not just convenient but also extremely helpful. It is highly advisable to talk to your online counselor about your mental health state, the way you feel and anything that triggers your psychological problems.

Online counselling professionals are experts at offering remote support and service to cope with your mental health issues. Choose Cadabam’s online counselling services in Bengaluru to consult an expert counsellor for help with your problems now.

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