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Given everything that’s going on around us right now, you might have difficulty going to sleep. It’s even worse when you browse your phone for social media updates. You only read terrible news. You hear about the ongoing pandemic that kills thousands of people each day. You also fear for people who lost their livelihood, and those who can’t provide for their family’s needs. As you start thinking about your future, you might also feel bothered. With all these issues in your mind, you will find it hard to sleep. Before it affects your overall health, you have to start making these changes.

Limit your social media use

The best way of dealing this issue is by limiting your use of social media. You can’t stop what comes on your news feed. The only way to not see terrible news is by not using your phone. It doesn’t mean you have to unplug forever. You can limit the number of hours for opening your social media account and avoid doing it when you’re close to bedtime. You will remain aware of what’s going on, but you don’t feel bothered enough to not sleep well.

Try to meditate

Meditation helps when your mind feels bothered by too many things. When meditating, you start tuning out the noise. You only focus on yourself and in the moment. You will achieve peace of mind because you don’t worry about things beyond your control. It also helps to meditate regularly because you can apply that strategy when you can’t sleep. You start by meditating and observing your breathing until you can relax and sleep well.

Find something to do before you sleep

If you still don’t feel sleepy, you can try doing other things that don’t involve using a smartphone. For instance, you can read a book until you feel sleepy. You can also memorize a few words from a language you want to learn. You can even list the tasks you have to finish the next day if you don’t know what else to do.

Talk to your loved ones

You might feel worried all the time because you’re alone. You keep worrying about people you can’t meet right now. The good thing is that you can still connect with them. Try calling them and see how they are. The conversation doesn’t have to be too long. The important thing is that you can express your thoughts. If the other person wants your advice or needs someone to talk to, you should make yourself available. As long as you don’t call people close to bedtime, it’s okay.

Create a clear path for your future

There are times when you decide on the spot because you have no time to consider your decisions. Now that you have plenty of time on your hands, you can determine how you want your future to look. Write all your plans and determine the steps that will take you from one goal to another. You don’t have to finish all your plans in one night. You can do the rest later if you have better ideas.

Deactivate some of your social media accounts

You might be using too many social media platforms. You can control yourself from avoiding one, but the other platform is too tempting not to open. If you deactivate some of them, it’s easier to limit the information you get. Besides, you can always search for relevant information using search engines. You don’t have to limit yourself to social media.

Read good news

If you can’t stop yourself from browsing your social media account, you can at least start following media outlets telling positive stories. You can also join pages where people share good news. Fill your feed with a more optimistic view of the world to let go of negative thoughts. Even if you decide to open your social media before you sleep, you can think of something positive.

Limit your overall phone use

Don’t depend on your phone for everything, even if your phone is essential in almost every activity. For instance, instead of using your phone’s alarm feature, you can use an actual alarm clock. Instead of using your phone’s note feature, you can get a real notebook and a pen. Go back to basics, and don’t rely on your phone alone. You can also think of it as a positive step to avoid getting sick. When you use your phone all the time, you will suffer from radiation emitted by the device. The good thing is that you can use protective devices such as the ones offered by www.lifeenergysolutions.com. Despite the use of protection, it’s still advisable to reduce your screen time.

With all these changes, you won’t have a hard time sleeping anymore. You will have peace of mind and feel positive when you wake up the next day.

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