GeneralWhat are the benefits of Grounding Mats?

Have you ever felt that vibe of being in contact with mother earth? You will feel content when you roam around your home in bare feet. It not only makes you feel comfortable, but it also works as a stress reliever as well. According to physics, the human body contains multiple charges that have different effects on different bodies. Grounding has many health benefits that can help a human body to get relief from anxiety, tension, depression, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, sugar, cortisol and improve blood circulation.

If you’ve ever been to a beach, you know that sinking your toes into the bare sand is a very satisfying feeling. The science behind this is called “grounding,” and it makes sense. You can get rid of multiple diseases by adding this ground therapy to your lifestyle. You can get information about grounding from the computer by looking at the image. There may be some reasons that you can not lay down directly on earth, so you can purchase a grounding mat. Before making a decision, you should know what the grounding mat is?

What does “Grounding” mean?

Grounding is the way of reconnecting your body to the earth. It is a popular therapy that happens when our skin touches the ground, our body gets electric charge from the earth through the electrons on the earth’s surface.

Even though it all sounds a little strange, most people have been earthing for most of their lives, and some of them haven’t even known it. Grounding therapy is not new. It helps in healing your body. Various studies have proved that grounding exercise can balance blood flow and blood viscosity, which helps you improve your well-being. If you are going through treatment, grounding may help you to get a fast recovery.

Benefits of Grounding Mats

The good news is that most of the research we know about grounding is positive. Earthing mats are made of conductive materials, such as silver, copper, or carbon, that allow the user to connect to the Earth’s natural electrical field. Grounding mats can be used in a variety of settings, including in the home, office, or outdoors. These mats can help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and can help improve overall health.

Clint Ober invented the grounding mats when he was working as a TV cable operator. Earthing mats can help in various subjects of nature. One can use earthing mats while reading books and articles while sitting in the lap of nature. There are a lot of posts published on YouTube and other social media handles that provide the evidence of grounding theory. Here we have mentioned some of the benefits of grounding mats. Let’s have a look through the article to know more about it.

Improvement in your sleep

It is proved in a study that grounding mats help humans to sleep longer and provide less trouble sleeping. In the same study, people who used grounding mats reported feeling less tired overall and having a better mood after just four weeks. Grounding mats are estimated to reduce stress and fatigue by up to 80%. Many patients of Insomnia are able to sleep properly with the assistance of  these Earthing Mats.

Improved nervous system

The results of another small study showed that just one hour of grounding therapy was much better at making people feel better than relaxation alone. You may face many problems while lying directly on the soil, but you can use earthing mat to stay connected. It will help you in reducing heart disease while in contact with surface electrons.

Decrease your pain & improve your condition

In another study, people who wore grounding patches after working out said they hurt less because of muscle damage. This suggests that grounding can not only help with pain, but can also help our bodies heal themselves. The earthing mat will be a pain relief for you when you regularly sleep or rest on it. These mats can reduce anxiety and depression by up to 40%  and improve your cortisol levels. The majority of earthing mats can reduce inflammation and pain by up to 90%. Researchers looked at how earthing affected the classic immune response. They found that earthing and a positive immune response are linked.

Focus on your heart wellness

Experts suggested in research that people with high blood pressure who exercise self-grounded therapy for a long time had lower blood pressure. It improvises the heart function and also helps in recovering from any internal injury. It worked so well that the people who did the study called it a “safe blood pressure-lowering therapy that deserves more research.” Grounding mats also enhances the working of the autonomic nervous system.

Effects of Grounding on the Human Body

The Earth has an endless supply of electrons, which makes the surface of the planet electrically conductive. Human bodies are also electrically charged. The latest research on earth suggests that the two forces(the human body and the earth) work together to create a more stable environment inside our bodies, which helps our whole system work better.

People don’t have as much contact with the Earth because of the urban lifestyle. We don’t walk around barefoot or in traditional shoes. We wear thick shoes with rubber soles and no longer sleep on the ground in huts or log cabins. People don’t go out and forge all day.

A lot of research has shown that this growing disconnect may be a major cause of physical problems and illness. In fact, researchers have called it an “overlooked environmental factor for health,” which suggests that grounding is an important part of modern life.

How to Practice Grounding

You should keep your safety as your first priority. There are a lot of methods that can help you in grounding. To practice grounding, all you have to do is touch the earth with your feet, hands, or the rest of your body. Here are some of the most common ways:

Don’t wear shoes

No matter if you walk barefoot on grass, sand, or dirt, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to let your skin touch the earth. If you know there are electrical lines buried in your front yard, choose a park or forest preserve instead.

Just lie down

Again, where you lie down doesn’t matter as long as it’s on natural ground (grass, dirt, sand, etc.). Use a thin cotton or natural fiber blanket to grind at a picnic. Think of snow angels when it’s winter!

Go swimming

Some people say that water works just as well. This means that you could also swim in the ocean, stand in a riverbed, dip into a hot spring, or wade in a lake or pond. (Sorry, pools and bathtubs don’t count.)

Bathe in the forest

If it’s a little too cold to dig your toes into the dirt but not too cold to be outside, try forest bathing instead. This practice has many benefits, such as making you feel better, reducing inflammation, lowering your risk of heart attack and obesity, giving you clearer skin, and helping you sleep better (which is a great reason to bring your kids along!).

Wear shoes with grips

Some shoes have copper plugs in the soles that help you stay grounded to the earth almost all the time, no matter how cold it is outside. Earth Runners and Plug are two well-known examples. You can also find tons of options on Amazon.

Try options inside

Many people in the Northern hemisphere find that grounding is just not as easy to do at certain times of the year. (Can you imagine walking through snow and sleet without shoes? Brr!) Even though earthing is best when done outside, there are some great, modern ways to do it inside as well.


There are a number of potential and quality products available in the market when it comes to earthing mats. You can see the difference in heart rate variability with the regular use of earthing sheets. As per the expert perspective, it is suggested to place the earthing mats on different areas such as bed, sofa or the ground for better connection and observing changes. An earthing sheet does not require any additional equipment for installation.

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