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The term “out of sight, out of mind” really comes into play when it comes to your balls. We don’t blame you. It can be extremely hard to pay attention to something in your pants when there’s a whole busy world in front of your eyes. Although, the health of your testicles is critical for your overall health. Follow our list down below for some tips on keeping your testes healthy!

Your Balls and Why They’re Important

In order to form a routine of healthy testicle care, you must first learn why they’re important in the first place. They’re not just there to swing back and forth, after all. Your balls are responsible for the production of two very important substances: sperm and testosterone. Sperm is critical for reproduction. And testosterone is a much-needed hormone in the production of sperm and red blood cells. It also helps sustain muscle mass, stimulates growth, and helps with fat distribution.

Now that you know two of the most critical functions your testicles serve, let’s move onto our list of healthy habits:

#1: Diet

Perhaps the most important facet of keeping your balls healthy, other than avoiding physical damage, is maintaining a healthy diet. One rich in antioxidants will surely keep them happy. A few savory examples include: tomatoes, bell peppers, and sweet potato. Many, many kinds of fruits are also rich in antioxidants. Not only is this a good tip for your balls, but also for your overall health as well.

On the other hand, junk such as burgers, sugar, and other highly processed foods are pretty bad for testicular health. It may affect your sperm count and quality. Foods high in trans-fat can also lower testosterone levels.

#2: Self-Checks

The most proactive way to monitor testicular health is to do routine self-checks. To accomplish this, softly roll each testy around with your fingers and feel for any lumps or tender areas. Do this as often as you see fit and be sure to contact your doctor if a test were to provide any negative results.  You can do this as part of your male grooming routing.  Next time you give your boys a haircut with your favorite ball trimmer, do a quick check to see if you feel anything out of the ordinary.

#3: Avoid Injury

Having a pair of balls means accepting the fact that it’s going to hurt like hell one day when something with momentum hits them. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proactive about it. If you’re going out to play sports, don’t be afraid to strap on a cup. You and your balls will be equally happy to have some protection.

#4: Quit Smoking

Even though quitting smoking is a great health tip overall, we’re still more than happy to include it on our list. Smoking can cause problems with spermatogenesis, the process in which your sperm undergoes maturity. This, in turn, may cause further issues with fertility.

 #5: Let Them Hang

Temperature regulation within your testicles is very important. To ensure healthy sperm production, your balls need to be a bit cooler than your body temp. So, when they start to hang, that means they’re feeling a little too warm. Don’t neglect them! Give them some room by wearing loose clothing.

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