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With the aging population in America, there is a great need for more qualified candidates when it comes to the healthcare industry. There are not enough people to help with this field and that means the best candidates are going where the best jobs are. If you are hoping to hire some of that talent to help with your facility, you need to bring your best game.

There are different tactics that you can use to help recruit the right healthcare professionals to your job openings. Some of the best options include:

1. Improve your Brand

Whether your potential employee is a recent graduate or has been in the field for some time, they are likely to do some research on your company before they even apply, much less accept your job offer.

Healthcare workers know that they are in demand, so they will be selective on the employers they would spend their time on. No one wants to work for a company that gains a competition of high turnover, employee burnout, and poor benefit packages.

If this is the brand recognition you have currently, then it is time to make some changes. You need your brand to be as positive as possible, to help encourage the right candidates to come work for you.

One method you can use to help with this is to highlight the company culture and the benefits of working with you. A good way for a healthcare company to do this is to feature compelling stories about the workplace and your employees.

You should also have some of your healthcare providers attend employer branding activities. This means have someone present at the local health fairs or send out talent teams to events at nursing schools and other events. The more you get your name out there, the easier it will be to attract the right people.

2. Up the Benefits

You will need to be competitive with the benefits you offer to your candidates. Your competition is already providing top benefits to everyone they will hire. You can’t afford to skimp out on this part, especially if you want to fill positions.

You need to think of all aspects of the job when coming up with a benefits package that your potential employees need. Think not only about the compensation but also about flexible work environments and unique benefits to offer.

While it may not always be possible, healthcare organizations should look for ways to implement some policies around telecommuting and flextime, then discuss this with potential employees when offering them the job. This may entice those who want more flexibility in their schedules.

You can also think about debt relief for your employees. Debt relief is a high priority for all new physicians and you should explore some of the ways that you can help with this, outside of the salary that you offer.

One example is to offer some doctors a stipend each month if they accept a job offer with you while they are still training. This helps build up employee loyalty before they even get to the job. This can help you to get new professionals early, even before they finish school.

3. Create a Recruiting Pipeline

You need to find ways to be proactive when it comes to recruiting in the healthcare field. You need to make sure that you work towards building a strategic talent pipeline that will cover not just your regional talent pool, but also national.

According to the American Hospital Association, when you partner up with the right teams, you will be able to develop a full pipeline to bring in the right groups for your facility. There are many places you can partner up with to make this happen, depending on your area. Some include:

  • High Schools
  • Universities or Colleges
  • Professional societies
  • Public health departments
  • National and State job boards

All of these will have potential candidates, readily available, who are looking to get their foot in the door with a healthcare field. If you can offer this option to them and provide a good amount of benefits and compensation, these will provide you with all the talent you need.

4. Use Innovative Sourcing Methods

Since there is such a big gap when it comes to finding healthcare talent to fill open positions, organizations need to find different sources to help them fill those positions. You can’t look just at your traditional sources or you will meet with too much competition.

This is why a skilled RPO provider will need to have their hands on the pulse of the healthcare talent landscape, so they can find the top talent from different sources all at the same time.

When it comes to providing staffing in this field, veterans will have the right discipline, training, and work ethics to help their patients. This should be part of your hiring plan as well. While new talent can be great and many of those professionals can turn into veterans over time, having veterans on board from the start will transform the way your facility runs.

If you are using an RPO provider, look to see if they have a long and proven track record of hiring veterans. This will help you to find the right candidates that you need when it is time to bridge the talent gap that plagues most of the healthcare industry.

Finding the Right Talent

With so many people getting older in America, the need for qualified healthcare workers is going to grow. There are not nearly enough professionals to fill these open positions, which makes it hard for healthcare facilities to find some of the talents they need.

When you need to fill open positions at your healthcare facility, you will need to get creative and think ahead. Your candidates are being pursued by many other organizations, so a simple offer is no longer enough. Consider some of the steps above and come up with a pipeline that will let you get ahead with recruiting.

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