Health ITTechnology For Tech-Savvy Seniors

Every day in the US, another 10,000 people reach the age of 65, becoming seniors. 80% of these newly ‘aged’ cohorts have been using the latest technology to remain in touch with friends and family and to stay updated on their medical information. Google searches, online shopping, and social media are all aspects they are familiar with. Their spending on technology in 2000 went up by 200% in response to covid. We look at some technologies that are available and useful to senior citizens.

Video Chats

Video chat apps such as Skype and others enable senior citizens to connect with their children and grandchildren in real-time. This makes it possible for them to participate in family events such as birthdays, weddings, and Christmas despite long physical distances between them.

These apps make it simple for doctors and patients to have online appointments, thus cutting down on the need for in-person appearances.

Senior Fitness Programs

The benefits of keeping fit as a senior cannot be overestimated. Exercise lessens the chances of developing heart disease and obesity. It promotes restful sleep and reduces pain from conditions such as arthritis due to improved flexibility and mobility. It can increase balance, endurance, and strength leading to a reduction in falls. Finally, it enhances cognitive functions and mental health.

There are abundant tools online to provide seniors with options to work out at home. Here is a guide to exercises for seniors that take their safety into account.

Digital Medicine Dispensers

When seniors take their medicines there is a dual risk. They may forget an important medication, such as for blood pressure or heart conditions, which means that these health aspects are not properly managed. Or they could think they have forgotten and take an additional dose, which could have serious health implications

Digital medicine dispensers are designed to prevent underdosing or overdosing. They track when medicines are taken and provide alerts to remind patients when to take their pills. Additionally, they can order refills. By reporting adherence via a cloud-based server, caregivers can stay informed and step in if needed.


Seniors are making great use of their cell phones and even laptops to keep themselves entertained. Netflix provides a large variety of movies for any taste. For those with impaired vision, podcasts for the elderly are available. The tapestry social media platform was created with seniors in mind and allows them to consolidate Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, and their emails in one place so that they can follow their family members’ postings.

Numerous apps can be downloaded to keep seniors’ minds active, for example, sudoku, puzzles, and many more. This can keep them happily engaged for hours, whether still living in their own homes or having moved to a care facility such as senior housing St Louis Hills.

Other Smart Tools

Wearables are bracelets that contain a radio-frequency chip. They monitor physical activity, hours of sleep, and heart rate. Carers can also use them to track a patient’s health.

Smart technology like ‘Hey Alexa’ is voice-activated. Seniors can perform actions such as switching lights on and off, changing TV channels, and reducing or increasing volume.

Technology that caters to seniors will certainly continue to develop new products and apps to match all the needs of these citizens.

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