InterviewSupplementation: Myths VS Facts With Smartvita

There are always myths swirling around the wellness world concerning vitamins and supplements. To learn more, we conducted an interview with Jerry Tran, Founder and CEO of Smartvita to clear up a few common misconceptions!

1. Can you tell us more about Smartvita?

The name Smartvita itself means “Smart Life,” as vita means life. We are a 100% Canadian family-owned company based in Toronto. We specialize in creating high-end premium performance-based health supplements. We only create core products that people need and want including one of the best multivitamins for women’s health, along with our Men’s Total Synergy Multivitamins, Smart Joint Relief Formula, and our Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil. There are already so many different products in the marketplace that we don’t want to cause any more confusion for consumers and only provide what they truly need. We pride ourselves on transparency and being crystal clear in what we offer and how we offer it. There is a good reason why some of Canada’s national and Olympic athletes choose Smartvita. If it is good enough for an elite athlete, then it is good enough for everyone. This aligns with our family values where we do not create anything that we would not put in our own bodies.

2. Can someone rely only on supplements regardless of his/her diet? Can you elaborate on that?

No matter the benefits you can get from taking vitamins and supplements, these daily vitamins and supplements are not a replacement or substitute for food. Your primary source of getting essential nutrients should always be from real foods, not the vitamins and supplements. Daily supplements are meant to act as a booster and fill in the remaining nutrients that you’re missing out on in your current diet. Just like with any medical condition or disease, you can’t completely cure it just from medication and pills. It involves other factors and aspects to create a healthy lifestyle, and no individual should ever rely on vitamins and supplements just for the sake of being “healthier.” By just relying on vitamins and supplements, you ignore other factors that make up for great health such as good foods and daily physical exercise, which are just as important.

3. What do you think about people relying on Amazon reviews to decide their supplements?

I would say take the Amazon reviews with a grain of salt. A product might be good for someone, but it might not good for you. Especially, when it comes to health supplements. It is important to remember that each and every individual is different, and with all of our bodies having different genetics and medical conditions, we all experience different effects from supplements. Don’t just rely on Amazon reviews to decide the right supplements for you. Do your own research, consider multiple sources and consult with a physician and/or a family doctor. Do not even rely on the products with the most 5 star reviews as most of the products with the most reviews are the most well-known brands. There are some really great brands and products out there that do not have that many reviews or even any at all, as they are either new or Amazon is not their main selling channel. For example, everyone knows McDonald’s and if you put it on Amazon, it probably will have a million 5-star reviews, but there could be a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is a lot better and healthier than McDonald’s that not as many people know and might not even have a review at all.

4. Who should one turn to when having supplement related questions?

Always consult with a physician and/or a family doctor to see if it is okay for you to take them. Your doctor will know what is best for your body, as well as have insight on if taking daily supplements will mix with your any of your current prescribed medication negatively.

5. What kinds of supplements does Smartvita provide?

Smartvita has four core essential product offerings. Men’s Total Synergy Multivitamins, Women’s Total Synergy Multivitamins, Smart Joint Relief Formula, and Premium Fish Oil 1000.

6. What makes Smartvita stand out from its competitors?

I think there are a few things that truly make us stand out apart from what is out there in the marketplace:

  1. We are made in Canada
  2. We have innovative technology built-in – for example our Multivitamin has a 3-hour SMART Time Release, so your body can fully absorb all the ingredients.
  3. We are BSCG certified drug-free – meaning it is safe for all competing athletes to take without having to worry they fail a drug test if they were to take any other brands that are not certified drug-free
  4. We have clinically tested brand-named ingredients in our products. This assures that the ingredients are proven already to be high-quality and potent
  5. We use some of the highest quality ingredients in our products like our buckwheat extract for our complete b-complex vitamin ingredients.
  6. We have special ingredients that the competition does not have. For example, collagen and sodium hyaluronate for skin, hair, and nails in our women’s multivitamins, and saw palmetto and maca root for men for hair loss, stamina, and prostate support. Even our joint pain supplements have more than just your typical pain relief ingredients. There are several special potent ingredients like hops extract, ginger and black pepper for improved bioavailability.

7. How can people buy Smartvita?

Consumers can buy Smartvita products directly on our website https://smartvita.com/ , at Ambrosia Natural Foods stores or purchase it on Amazon.ca.

8. Where do you see Smartvita in the next 5-years?

Smartvita will continue to advance health and wellness through innovative products and inspire people to live well.

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