HealthcareStrategies Used to Manage Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

Ethical dilemmas in healthcare are situations that call for a decision between two questionable options. Healthcare professionals are often in situations that require careful consideration of several factors before making a decision. These situations can be challenging, and usually, someone’s life or health depends on what decisions are made.

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You must understand that you’ll often combat ethical dilemmas in the medical practice, and while it may be legally permissible to take certain actions, there may be questions regarding ethics. You must therefore invest time and energy into researching and understanding the potential impacts of your decisions on patients and colleagues. In this article, we will discuss strategies for actively managing ethical dilemmas in the healthcare industry.

Strategies used to manage ethical dilemmas in healthcare

These strategies are a guide to ensuring that healthcare providers make ethical decisions that prioritize the wellbeing of their patients, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

Understand the problem

Every patient is armed with beliefs and doctrines that might affect your job as a healthcare practitioner. A patient might refuse blood transfusion because their religion is firmly against it, while another might sign a DNR form even when you know that you can save them. This uniqueness is what makes the world of ethical dilemmas in healthcare different. You should see from your patient’s eyes and understand their viewpoint. You should also be open to advice from professionals in addressing their health concerns.

Use a formal ethical decision-making model

Many healthcare organizations provide their practitioners with a formal process for addressing ethical dilemmas. This may involve consulting with an ethics committee, using a standardized framework for ethical decision-making, or seeking guidance from relevant ethical codes or principles. You can use these models as precedent cases to understand how the healthcare system has handled cases such as yours and the best approach to take.

Consult with experts

You might not find what you need in ethical books. In that case, consulting experts are great alternatives. You can seek guidance from an expert in ethics or a related field to help you understand and make decisions about situations. This can include consulting with ethicists, legal advisors or professional organizations.

Talk to your colleagues

Your colleagues may have experienced similar situations, which might give you an insight into the best way to solve the dilemma with care and accuracy. Seeking advice from your colleagues will provide valuable perspectives that you didn’t consider and help identify potential solutions.

Prioritize the wellbeing of your patients

You should always put your patients first when making ethical decisions. These decisions usually have a direct influence on the mental wellbeing of your patients. It’s important to consider the potential benefits and risks of different courses of action and to choose the option that will lead to the best outcome for your patient.


One important principle in ethical decision-making is respecting the rights and autonomy of patients. This means prioritizing their wishes and preferences and involving them in their care and treatment processes. By following this principle, you can effectively manage ethical dilemmas and ensure that your patients are at the center of their own healthcare decisions.

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