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Our nails are pretty tough things, made out of keratin and evolved to protect the tips of our fingers and toes while also providing a lot of strength and rigidity. Though it’s not as if nails are indestructible material. For as tough as they are, millions of people still deal with weak, brittle, fragile nails, along with fungus and a lot of other issues that can weaken and discolour nails. So, this leaves a lot of people asking a pretty simple question: When is it time for a nail repair product?

We’ll get into that, though first, you might want to proceed with a little bit of caution. There are two ways that people end up losing money on the products they buy. The first way is user error, and it’s easily corrected because often people just rush into a store, buy a product they think is for repairing nails. Still, it ends up being for acrylic nails, not a natural, organic formula to strengthen real nails. The second way is that people purchase products that weren’t designed by dermatologists and products that weren’t clinically proven to work. So pay attention to what you’re looking at, and always make sure that you’re buying a tested and true formula.

Let’s speak about some of the top reasons that people seek to repair their finger and toenails.

Top 3 Reasons People Seek to Repair Their Nails

1. Strengthening the Nail

The first great thing a high-quality nail repair gel does is adds strength and structure to the nail. It does this at a chemical level, which is another way to say that the keratin that forms the nails will be a lot thicker and a lot stronger, which has the overall effect of making your nails grow quicker, straighter, and more durable. Further, it cuts back on ingrown nails along with helping them with issues like being brittle and chipping away. The idea here is that you apply the gel as recommended both to repair the existing nail and to help it grow stronger in the future. Only a high-quality, natural product can provide these sorts of benefits for you and your nails.

2. Getting Rid of Fungus

It’s quite easy for yeast and mold to settle into your nails, especially your toenails. Unfortunately, having nail fungus isn’t just a gross thing to look at and think about; it can weaken the nail so much that it falls off while preventing more keratin from growing in its place. The chances of a severe infection and other issues that you wouldn’t want to deal with increase as a result. The right gel can help you repair your nails by getting deep into the root of your nails and killing the living organisms that are causing the fungus. This will also help to add a lot of protection going forward, in that the fungus will stay gone and help you to promote a much healthier nail structure.

3. Improving Overall Quality and Integrity

At the end of the day, using the right product simply promotes a stronger nail overall that’s healthier, looks better, has the proper colour, and gives you nails that won’t chip away because they’re thin and brittle. Millions of people out there have weaker, more fragile nails. It’s to the point that they cannot even put socks on without losing little chunks of their nails, nor can they handle a lot of objects with their hands, for fear of busting their nails, which leads many people to keep their fingernails cut short, just to avoid having to deal with it. The right repair gel can definitely help in this area and improve the overall quality of the nail.

Just keep in mind here that not all repair gels are created equally. Different products have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s effortless out there to spend money on a fancy product, only to find that it doesn’t work at all. The best thing you can do for improved nail health is to find a product that’s been clinically tested and proven to work. Do not settle for fancy advertising; look for results.

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