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Community quarantine is still enforced in various places. Even if it’s lifted, you may still want to stay home as much as you can for a while until the notorious coronavirus problem dwindles down or completely be solved. Aside from staying indoors to avoid catching this disease, why not further improve your overall health through personal fitness? Here are some fitness essentials that will assist you on your quest to better overall health.

Workout Sneakers – Sneakers aren’t just for show and for protection of your feet for outdoor walks or run. Sneakers like the zero gravity shoes assist in cushioning the impact on your feet and knees whenever you walk, jog, run, or jump. Prevention is better than cure so wearing sneakers for any cardio is surely a must. You wouldn’t want to quickly wear out your feet and knees, right? Check other comfortable sneakers such as air force 1 low.

Cap / Hat – It’s good to have some but if you are going to workout on your lawn or yard and soak up some sun, it is still good to show your face some love by shielding it from harsh sun UVs. Despite claimed news of natural repairing of the ozone layer or atmosphere during this quarantine, it’s still best to protect yourself with a good ol’ plain cap. Apply some sunscreen, too, for overall skin protection.

Fitness / Yoga Mat – For floor exercises, having a fitness mat from Pureful Yoga is good for hygienic purposes. A fitness mat with some cushioning would be better, too, especially for elbow planking. The hard floor can be quite harsh for your elbows. This kind of minimal comfort may help you extend your planking for more than a minute.

Smudge Sticks – Physical exercise isn’t the only thing that matters for fitness. Taking care of your overall well-being is about doing a holistic health approach. That said, consider incorporating a few minutes of mental and spiritual cleansing by finding a quiet corner, burning white smudge sticks, and clearing mental clutter after every workout. This will help rejuvenate the mind and spirit after invigorating the body, helping you feel refreshed all over.

Fitness Watch – A fitness watch usually has a heart rate monitor. Even if you don’t have heart problems, it may be a way for you to be aware of how much you are pushing yourself during cardio. It also has a pedometer, letting you see how many steps you’ve had so far for the day, allowing you to stay on track with your fitness goals. It can be connected to your mobile device, too, so going through your fitness playlist would be quick and easy. Various brands and models are now available in the market.

Leggings / Gym shorts – You will surely wear a good ol’ shirt or a tank top but for the bottoms, wear the correct apparel to avoid any potential hindrance or accident during workout. Workout clothes made from breathable material would surely bring more comfort as you try to break a sweat and aim for a fitter you.

Lemon Water – Citrus fruits are said to help curb appetite so why not opt for lemon-infused water as your workout rehydration option instead of just water? Sports drinks sometimes have sugars in them so they’re not actually a healthy option.

Athletic Tape – Ever had a workout so good you felt sore all over the next day? While rest is part of exercise, you don’t want to halt progress for too long by taking off several days in a row. Using kinesthetic tape is great for relieving pressure, reducing discomfort and pain while supporting muscles. The key to making the best use out of it is applying it correctly. As always, consult an expert first.


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