Health ITNevvon: Providing Cost-effective, Personalized Digital Training For Caregivers

In a world where healthcare technology improves rapidly, requirements and regulations are subject to change, and knowledge is always expanding, healthcare providers are faced with the constant challenge of keeping their caregivers trained and in compliance on all fronts.

Here’s the problem. Training is expensive. In fact, companies spend thousands of dollars every year to make sure that their employees are properly educated, trained, and certified.

Live training is also difficult to navigate from a logistics standpoint. While training may be beneficial for both the employee and the employer in the long run, finding temporary caregivers, integrating them into the workplace, and managing schedules rarely allows for a seamless training period.

Fortunately, Nevvon is providing a more cost-effective and convenient training option for healthcare providers and caregivers.

What Is Nevvon?

Nevvon is an educational technology company that equips caregivers with training and certifications according to the regulatory requirements in your state.

Unlike live training, Nevvon’s service is offered through a powerful and intuitive mobile app that allows all caregivers to be educated at their own pace, from the comfort of their own smartphones.

As a result, healthcare providers are able to reduce training costs and keep their caregivers on the job while they also further their education.

How Are Nevvon Training Materials Developed?

The truth is that not all digital training programs compare favorably to live training sessions.

Nevvon, however, combines innovation, professionalism, and research to ensure that your caregivers receive only the most engaging, relevant, and accessible training resources possible.

To develop materials and personalized training plans for your organization, Nevvon first looks at your area’s local health and labor regulations to ensure that any training is relevant and compliant with local requirements.

Nevvon then gathers input from your caregivers to determine which types of content are most effective. It’s at this point that Nevvon crafts a course outline for your caregivers and has it reviewed and approved by a registered nurse.

As Nevvon uses professional script writers, content creators, and editors, all materials are crafted with engagement and comprehension in mind. After all scripts and outlines have been finalized, a registered nurse reviews and approves them once more. From here, production begins.

Nevvon works closely with professional studios, actors, film technicians, and sound technicians to ensure that the final product is as fun, engaging, and informative as possible. What’s more, all productions and lessons are designed to fit within the borders of a smartphone, allowing your employees to access all media at any time or place.

What Training Plans Are Available?

Nevvon offers four different types of training plans in order to accommodate healthcare providers of all sizes and training needs.

To start, Nevvon offers a free trial for up to 10 caregivers at your organization. You can use this time to determine whether or not Nevvon’s digital training program is the right fit for your organization. Of course, it comes at no cost and with no obligation.

Nevvon’s Team plan provides anywhere between 120 and 1,200 hours of training for up to 100 HHAs or 200 PCAs. With the Master plan, you’re able to receive between 1,200 and 6,000 hours of training for up to 500 HHAs or 1,000 PCAs. Finally, Nevvon offers an Enterprise plan, designed specifically for providers that require customized solutions.

Tired of sending your caregivers away for live training and all of the logistical headaches that come with it? Try Nevvon today to find out how affordable and effective digital training can be for you and your employees!

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