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In a world where healthcare technology improves rapidly, requirements and regulations are subject to change, and knowledge is always expanding, healthcare providers are faced with the constant challenge of keeping their caregivers trained and in compliance on all fronts.

Fortunately, Nevvon is providing a more cost-effective and convenient training option for healthcare providers and caregivers. To learn more about Nevvon, we conducted an interview with James Cohen, CEO/co-founder of Nevvon.

James Cohen, CEO/co-founder of Nevvon.

1. Can you tell us more about Nevvon? 

Every year, home care and healthcare companies spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the caregivers they hire are compliant with their state/provincial regulations. This entire process is cumbersome, time consuming, and costly — we know because we used to be one of these companies. Nevvon was founded by healthcare experts and leading educators who came together to find a more cost-effective and flexible e-training solution.

2. How does Nevvon differ from other live training sessions? 

Nevvon has invested a tremendous amount of resources in understanding our user — the healthcare worker. Our caregivers need flexibility in learning anytime, anywhere, and our web/mobile platforms deliver exactly that via online modules. Our content uses simple language and is actively updated to stay current with changing industry regulations.

3. Why do you think that healthcare providers are faced with the constant challenge of keeping their caregivers trained and in compliance on all fronts? 

Home care and healthcare workers are responsible for the health and safety of their clients. With new research and implementations coming out of the healthcare industry regularly, these caregivers need to be constantly updated in new practices in order for them to deliver the best care possible.

4. What challenges are imposed when healthcare providers intend to train their caregivers? 

Regulations are often evolving. For example, recently Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) became required by federal law. The most efficient manner to train healthcare workers on this new regulation is through online training instead of classroom training, because it is easily accessible, flexible, and logistically simpler.

5. What challenges did the COVID-19 pandemic impose on caregivers training? 

One challenge was that infection control guidelines rapidly changed as the world learned more about the virus. Another challenge was that the pandemic made it near impossible to conduct classroom training, so healthcare workers quickly needed new information but couldn’t come together to access it.

6. How can Nevvon cope with the above challenges?  

Nevvon is an e-training platform designed to educate caregivers anywhere, anytime. We were able to adapt our training in real time, so healthcare workers always had the most recent information to keep themselves and their clients safe, without the need to gather in a classroom.

7. What medium does Nevvon use to provide its training material?  

Healthcare workers can train on Nevvon’s native mobile app (iOS and Android) or using our web platform. To date, over 90% of Nevvon’s users prefer the app because they prefer the mobile user experience.

8. How does Nevvon ensure that caregivers receive only the most engaging, relevant, and accessible training resources possible? 

We take pride in our instructional design team and our clients are often amazed by the high quality training we provide. We use different modalities such as video, green screen, animation, and gamification to give the learner the best user experience. Our content is available in multiple languages and uses the simplest wording possible. Our dedicated compliance department stays on top of new regulations so our training always reflects current guidelines.

9. How does Nevvon ensure that any training is relevant and compliant with the healthcare providers’ local requirements and regulations? 

Nevvon has a compliance department that stays ahead of new healthcare legislation and our platform has received approval from the Department of Health in states that mandate it. We are also incredibly involved in working with legislators to shape new regulations in the healthcare industry.

10. How does Nevvon ensure that the final product is as fun, engaging, and informative as possible? We have a very comprehencive method of building out our training.  

We have a very comprehensive method of building out our training. You can watch our quick explainer videos here. We always test our modules with diverse audiences consisting of various age groups, genders, states, and languages to ensure our final product is as user-friendly as possible.

11. What training plans do you provide?

We understand that training plans can generally be expensive, and so we have designed a unique pricing model. While our competitors charge per user per month, at Nevvon we use a consumption-based model where the organization only pays for usage (hours of training consumed). This way, we are incentivized to provide the best support to our clients and users.

12. Where do you see Nevvon in the coming 5-years? 

By continuing to empower our healthcare workers with high quality training, we will ensure they deliver the best care to their clients. I envision that we will be the Gold Standard of training in the healthcare market while moving into different healthcare verticals over the years.

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