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The recent COVID-19 has impacted people in all types of ways. Not only has it affected the mental, physical, and financial wellbeing of so many but it has also forced us to adopt different channels of communication.

Bens Hilaire, CEO & Co-Founder, TooDeep

TooDeep is an online platform that seeks to provide users with a safe space where they can give and receive genuine support, encouragement, and advice. To learn more about TooDeep, we conducted an interview with Bens Hilaire, CEO & Co-Founder, TooDeep.

1. What is the main problem with today’s social media platforms and forums when it comes to support.or advice?

Social media causes more harm than good to your mental health. Multiple studies have shown social media causes more depression and anxiety because people are constantly comparing themselves to the images and videos of other people online. There’s a lot of peer pressure and demand to come off as somebody important online, so most people spend countless hours online comparing and chasing numbers (subscribers, followers, likes, comments).

2. Did the COVID-19 pandemic add more issues? Can you elaborate on that?

COVID-19 caught the world off guard, nobody was mentally or financially prepared for it. Fortunately, TooDeep became a safe space for those that felt a horrific impact from the pandemic. TooDeep helped people feel less lonely, express their emotions safely, and received support from a caring community.

3. How does TooDeep navigate the social media platform issues?

TooDeep focuses on the human connection and emotions. We focus less on the numbers and image game. On the TooDeep app, other users are not able to view how many friends a person has in their friend’s list. Users are unable to view the number of comments a post received. We do not show photos or videos, we only focus on audio and text. Administrators, and the community carefully monitor all activity on the app.

4. Who can benefit from TooDeep?

Anyone that’s looking for a safe space to express their most vulnerable emotions can benefit from TooDeep.

5. Why is TooDeep an audio-based mobile application?

We chose audio because nothing can replace that human voice interaction. Text is not enough and video is too much. Audio is the perfect balance because you don’t have to worry about your appearance. You can be in your pajamas, and talk to supportive peers without the feeling of being judged.

6. What kinds of emotions or feelings can users talk about through your app?

Users can talk about whatever emotions or topics their hearts desire. We have users on the app talking about finance, relationships, workplace, loneliness, happy emotions, and many more.

7. What is the Circle of Friends feature?

The Circle of Friends feature lets users add each other as friends. After becoming friends, they can have one on one private voice chat with each other, talk via direct message, and invite each other to different audio support groups sessions.

8. How does the app’s search function allow users to empathize with people who are in similar situations?

While most people come on TooDeep to vent, some come to provide support and receive motivation. The Search function makes it super easy to find people to support, and motivational content to read.

9. How does the app ensure a safe space community?

Asides from administrators, and the community carefully monitoring all activity on the app, we have secret features in place to deal with any possible trolls. Luckily, our community is growing without any trolls. The TooDeep community treats each other like family. Everyone in the app is so well connected, they created the term “TooDeep Family” inside the app.

10. Where do you see TooDeep in the next 5-years?

In the next 5 years, we see TooDeep working side by side with therapists, and become a valuable product in the mental health industry. We’re not saying we will replace therapists and psychologists because there’s something professional services can offer that peer-to-peer support services cannot. However, therapy is very limited on ways to support their patients. For example, if I am having a panic attack at 3 am, and I want to connect with someone or find support, my therapist will not be available. I’ll have to wait the next day, schedule an appointment, which might take place a week from now, just so I can receive support from my therapist. Instead, in the same scenario, at 3am I can use the TooDeep app, and find support from multiple peers online. Five years from now, TooDeep will also become the #1 app people use to host virtual support groups covering all types of topics, depressions, stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol, and many more.

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