GeneralHow To Prepare For A Medical Malpractice Suit

Having to experience and suffer the effects and consequences of medical malpractice is perhaps one of the most horrifying experiences any person could undergo. People see their doctors because they trust that their doctors and physicians can help them heal from whatever sickness, illness, or trauma is troubling them. No one goes to a doctor half-expecting that something terrible could happen to them as when their doctor commits a grave mistake in performing a surgery, medical procedure, or prescribing medicines.

Unfortunately, these things happen. Often, the persons on the receiving end of medical malpractice would be left with two choices. The first is to let it go if it’s just a minor error and doesn’t have long-term health consequences to save themselves the trouble and trauma of having to sue their own doctor. The other option would be to take their troubles to court to make sure that the erring doctor is held accountable. But it would take a lot of preparation to win the case. You can check out online resources on proving malpractice for lawyers to gain a better understanding of how it’s done.

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking of filing a medical malpractice suit.

Talk To The Doctor Involved

The first thing that you have to do when you’re preparing for a medical malpractice suit would be to talk to the doctor or medical professional involved before you file your claim for medical malpractice. You have to do this to understand what happened and what went wrong. Unfortunately, in spite of advanced training and healthcare technology, some doctors and surgeons still commit grave errors which have grave health consequences.

If you’re willing, it could also give your doctor the time to remedy the situation if there’s still something that can be done. In many instances, the doctor involved would be willing to perform the services needed to rectify the problem, if it’s still possible.

Consult A Malpractice Lawyer

The next thing that you have to do is to seek out a lawyer in your area who handles medical malpractice claims. You should consider consulting medical malpractice lawyers early on so that they can guide you on the things you have to prepare and the things that you have to do.

This is especially true when you’ve already suffered injuries or sustained financial damage. Keep in mind that your injuries will heal over time, which makes it crucial to get a medical certificate early. This will help your lawyer get an accurate assessment of the injuries you suffered. 

Get A Medical Certificate Of Merit

You have to establish that the doctor or medical professional involved was negligent to win your medical malpractice claim. Keep in mind that not all cases show that the doctor was negligent or did something wrong.

To win your medical malpractice claim, you should be able to establish that your doctor breached the standard of care deemed acceptable or required by their professions. This could become very technical. Sometimes, the lawyer would have to look at the health protocols and technical details involved during the procedure.

In recent years, a growing number of states have been requiring plaintiffs of medical malpractice claims to get a Certificate of Merit before starting a medical malpractice claim lawsuit. The purpose of this certificate is to determine whether the injuries suffered by a patient were the result of the negligence of a medical health professional.

You’ll need to see a medical expert or medical health specialist to determine whether the injuries you suffered could be attributed to the negligence of the doctor or health professional involved. The medical expert that you consult will try to find out whether the doctor involved deviated from the medical protocols or practices that they should have observed and performed. When the certificate or merit is ready, you can take it to your lawyer.

Be Ready With Your Documents

When you’re ready with your certificate of merit, and you’ve already set an appointment with a medical malpractice lawyer, you should start sorting the documents and files that you’ll need to show to your lawyer. Here are some of the things that you’ll need to prepare:

  • High quality pictures of your injuries, if this is possible
  • Medical bills and receipts that would show how much you spent to recover from your injuries and to get rehabilitated.
  • Results of your medical tests, as well as your pertinent medical records
  • Any files or letters from the hospital where you received the treatment which causes your injuries, as well as those of any medical insurance or healthcare service provider
  • Any of your personal notes or records on your injury or dealings with the erring medical practitioner. There could be important information that’s relevant to your claim.


Being a victim of medical malpractice could be very traumatic for the patient who has to endure the consequences of the doctor’s errors and yet try to press on to win a medical malpractice lawsuit. To win, the patient should be meticulous in the preparation of evidence that could win the day in court. There are a lot of documents to sort out to make sure that the doctor could be convincingly shown to have breached a standard of care required by the medical profession, which led to the injuries suffered by the claimant.

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