GeneralHow to Hire the Best Tile Installer

Tiles look beautiful, no matter if they are in your office or the backyard, you just can’t get enough of them.

But, do you ever imagine that things can go wrong with tiles as well?

We mean that have you ever come across a case of the tile idea gone wrong?

In case you haven’t, you must know that the beauty of the tiles depends on how well they are installed!

The competence of your tile installer has a lot to do with what the final output looks like.

You must take your time to find the best tile installer because a simple Google search for “Tile Auckland” or “Tiler Auckland” can give you lots of contacts, but seeing who’s the best fit is a task.

If you have been struggling with finding the best tile installer in Auckland, here we have something useful for you.

We have curated a list of tips that you can use for hiring the best tile installer.

References from Friends and Family

One of the best ways to get in touch with a competent tiler is to look for references from your friends and family members.

It’s easy to search online or through social media, but in case you want to hire someone whose style of working you have already seen, it’s best to stick to references.

Talking about finding someone online, it’s a good idea if you want to find someone with a wide client base, but you must dig deeper into the details and have them give you a detailed quote.

Stick to Your Budget

Before getting started with the actual hiring, it’s important that you set a budget and stick to it. There will be tilers giving you all sorts of quotes – maximum as well as minimum.

It’s on you to decide what you can afford. Thus, sometimes you may end up wasting a lot of time talking to someone who quotes a ridiculously high price.

Set your budget and your expectations before you start interviewing the service providers for your job.

It’s a misconception that nice home decor has to be expensive. You can stick to your budget and still have the decor of your dreams!

Get Quotes from Multiple Tilers

While inviting quotes, you mustn’t limit or restrict yourself.

Have different providers evaluate the area to be tiled and get quotes. This way you can compare and see which proposal is unique and best fits your requirements.

In case you are confused regarding the choice of tiles, you can get suggestions from the tilers regarding that as well.

Selecting the tiles is not just about seeing the design that looks good to your eyes, but it’s a whole different story – deciding what the best material is, whether to go for glossy tiles or matte ones.

There is a lot to think about and you may need expert advice on a lot of factors.

An Impressive Online Presence

Social media has already revolutionized our lives. We live, breathe, and sleep social media these days, so how could your potential tile partner not be on social media?

If you were not able to source someone from your personal network, you can reach out to your Instagram and Facebook community to get some good references.

Apart from that, a professional with a good market reputation must have a social media presence.

Renowned names in the tile industry often have an online portfolio showcasing what all designs they have created for clients from across the country.

Having a genuine social media presence with good reviews from past clients can be a huge helping factor while shortlisting tilers.

The Actual Experience Working With Them

If you are someone who likes being in charge of things, then you must ask your potential tile partner how it is like working with them?

Do they maintain transparency while working? Will they quote the entire pricing beforehand or would there be some hidden not-so-pleasant surprises?

Do they like the owner of the home being involved or do they hate it when someone asks them questions regarding what they are doing?

These factors may be a possible bone of contention later – it’s suggested that you resolve them before hiring someone.

See the Past Experience

Finally, it’s important to see that the tiler you are planning to hire is experienced enough or not?

Ask them about any certifications they have or any renowned clients that they have worked with.

You should also have a detailed discussion on how they can handle the project in a different way as compared to what the usual is. What is their USP or why do they think they are the best fit for the role?

Dig deeper into what kinds of clients they have had in the past. See what their reviews are.

If possible, you should get a first-hand review to get a feel of how it is like working with a given tiler.

Thus, these were some of the tips for you before you hire a tile installer in Auckland.

Tiles are beautiful, and they can instantly give a makeover to your home. You can give an entirely new look to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room for that matter, it’s just that you should select the right tiles and the right tile installer.

It is very nice if you can get some references from your friends and family members, but in case you haven’t been able to find someone that way, you could search Google for “tiler Auckland Tileplus” and get some quick results.

Tile Plus is your one-stop-shop for tiles in Auckland. The store offers an amazing ten years warranty on workmanship and has extremely competitive prices. You can also get free measure and quotes!

Thinking of giving a quick makeover to your home? It’s time you explore something new. It’s time you think tiles! Good luck.

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