GeneralHow Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Self Esteem

The Covid-19 lockdown and resulting average 8.1-week suspension of elective surgeries led to a decline in plastic surgery numbers for 2020. Plastic surgery is still growing in acceptance and popularity, however. Statistics show that plastic surgery is up 22% since 2000.[1] Plastic surgeons report seeing a surge in interest. Many men and women are interested in having plastic surgery completed before returning to the workplace as stay-at-home orders are lifted.

People decide to have plastic surgery for various reasons. The decision is personal and should be weighed carefully. It’s critical to have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment. Always remember that plastic surgery alone can’t change your life. Only you can do that by changing your mindset. Plastic surgery does impact your psyche, however. It can improve your self esteem in ways you might not predict.

You Feel Your Appearance Is Optimized

Plastic surgery is designed to improve areas of your body and face that bother you. These features may concern you for any reason. It doesn’t matter what others think of your feelings or your choice to pursue plastic surgery. If you feel something needs attention, the decision to address the area is all yours.

If you’ve kept your expectations realistic, you’re probably going to be delighted by your new appearance. You admire yourself with pride, knowing that you’ve achieved the look you desired and look your best.  Improving areas that bother you not only enhances your overall look but also may lead to improved self esteem.

You’re Motivated to Stay Fit and Be Active

After you’ve healed from plastic surgery, it’s easier to feel motivated to get and stay fit. Feeling good about yourself encourages you to care for your body better to help maintain your new self. You want to keep those hard-fought results, after all.

If you’ve undergone surgeries like liposuction or a tummy tuck, it may be easier to work out now, too. Excess skin often leads to uncomfortable chafing, which is painful and discouraging. Feeling the distressing jiggle of excess skin may cause discomfort and self-consciousness. If your unease causes feelings of inadequacy or fear of judgment by others, it’s hard to go to the gym or even jog down your street.

Your new, slimmer body is jiggle-free, except in areas where you may want a little jiggle. You feel more secure working out around others, maybe even leading to establishing gym buddies who help motivate you to work out. Your body feels better to you, and chafing is reduced or eliminated. It feels good to work out, and that makes fitness more fun.

You Look and Feel Younger

Wrinkles are normal and natural signs of aging. Many people embrace the character and beauty they add to their features. Others, however, feel self-conscious and unhappy with them. They feel like they make them look old, and they feel older because of that.

Other changes may not be entirely related to aging. Body changes women experience by going through childbearing are not always welcome. Your baby is a blessing. For some, the changes to their abdomen or breasts are not.

Plastic surgery can repair changes like these. Facelifts and Mommy Makeovers are extremely common and seem to turn back the clock. Looking younger can lead to a more youthful state of mind. Your pre-baby body might lead to a revitalization of your sense of self and sexuality. With fewer wrinkles, you’ll look at yourself differently. People may treat you differently, too. You may never be young again, but you can still feel like you are.

You Have More Confidence in Your Relationships

The only person you should have plastic surgery for is yourself. Never feel like you should get plastic surgery to please or impress someone else. If someone isn’t impressed by you the way you are, they’re not the person for you.

Even so, many people feel more confident in their relationships after plastic surgery. This includes both personal and business relationships. With a newly enhanced face, hairline, or body, it’s likely that you’ll comport yourself in a more commanding way. You know you look good, you feel good, and you’re more confident in your worth.

You reflect this newfound confidence in your relationships. Confidence like this can lead to healthier, more balanced personal relationships. It may also lead to seeking out more ambitious opportunities and demanding more respect in the workplace.

You Embrace Your New Look

You look good, you feel good, and you want to show it. Embracing your new look by dressing for it is transformative for your outward appearance and your inward view of yourself. You may dabble in new makeup or find exciting new styles you couldn’t wear before. Dressing your new body is fun.

When you embrace your look, you’re going to stand out. People are going to stand up and take notice. Who is this well-dressed and self-confident person? Self-love leads to improved self-esteem. Validation from others is a side benefit; however, it feels good to know you’ve seen and appreciated by others.

You Feel Empowered

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a big deal. It costs a lot of money, and it requires recovery that may be time-consuming and physically and emotionally demanding. You undergo plastic surgery knowing this, and you choose to do it for yourself.

Deciding to make a change of this magnitude is empowering. You’ve dedicated money, time, and emotional and physical work to yourself and no one else. You prove to yourself that you can and will put yourself first. After surgery, you carry this power with you. You’re an advocate for yourself. You know you can do it, whatever it is! This self-determination enhances your self-esteem in a way that continues increasing long after your surgery.

Benefiting Your Body and Self Esteem

The first step toward plastic surgery should include some soul searching to make sure you’re investigating surgery for the right reasons. Good physical and mental health are musts, along with a realistic idea of what results you can expect. If you’re relying on plastic surgery to fix low self-esteem, it probably won’t. Even the best plastic surgery results can’t replace a good therapist when you need help with body image issues or depression.

Most people who seek plastic surgery do go into it with a healthy mindset and a desire to improve something, not change their life. Life changes may come naturally, though. As the effects of plastic surgery reverberate through their lives, their self-esteem can naturally improve in ways that bring just as much joy as the surgery itself.

[1] “2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics,” plastic-surgery-statistics-report-2020 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons , April 27, 2021), https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2020/plastic-surgery-statistics-report-2020.pdf.

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