GeneralHow Painful is Hemorrhoid Removal?

Hemorrhoids are a medical condition where the vascular structures detected on the anal canal are inflamed and can be very painful. There are two types of hemorrhoids ailments: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are not painful, but rectal bleeding can be observed during defecating. External hemorrhoids are painful, and the swelling of the anus is evident. Bleeding also occurs and may leave a skin tag on the surface once healed. Both types are extremely uncomfortable and can cause worry due to the presence of blood. However, there are ways to treat this condition, specifically by surgery. If you suffer from painful hemorrhoids, you can get them removed at a hemorrhoids clinic like this one: nahemorrhoidscentreab.ca.

How Painful is Hemorrhoid Removal?

The pain is quite proportional to the severity of the case. The method of removing hemorrhoids is called anal fissure treatment. It is expected that removing an isolated and small hemorrhoid will only have minor pain. But if a person suffers from many hemorrhoids, then the level of discomfort will be quite a challenge. However, getting anal fissure treatment is recommended to stop enduring and unnecessary bleeding.

Types of Hemorrhoid Removal


When a person only has a minor condition, meaning a single small hemorrhoid, sclerotherapy is often recommended. This practice uses a chemical solution that is applied using an injection. The component of the mixture is commonly zinc chloride, quinine, and polidocanol. So how does it clear tiny hemorrhoids? The injection aims to destroy the blood vessels contributing to the single hemorrhoid swelling. The inflammation is expected to shrink once the medication is applied.


In the case of eliminating multiple hemorrhoids and large ones, the procedure is called hemorrhoidectomy. This can be very painful since the doctor will have to make small cuts on the anus. It will be circular, and the swollen or inflamed parts will be sliced away. To avoid immense pain, the patient can opt to have local anesthesia. It makes the body numb while the operation is taking place. But if the person prefers to be asleep, general anesthesia is also a good choice. Doing this procedure does not require hospital confinement. After the treatment is finished, the patient can go home immediately. Proper care must be taken into consideration since the wounds are sensitive. It would take at least 3 to 6 weeks for the cuts to heal completely.

Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH)

This procedure is also called stapled hemorrhoidectomy due to the method being applied by the doctor. In this type of treatment, the affected areas are repositioned with the aid of a stapler-like tool. Once this is done, the concept of cutting off the vessels supplying blood to the hemorrhoids is the next step. If the blood flow is cut, the swollen part will shrink and eventually cease to exists.

However, this treatment has some constraints. It is only applicable if the hemorrhoids have not yet slipped down the anus opening or, in medical jargon, this condition is called no prolapsed. The advantage of getting this procedure is that it moves the affected area to spaces with fewer never endings. By being able to accomplish this treatment will be less painful. The recovery time for this option is also quicker, and patients will have fewer complications. Feelings of itchiness, bleeding, and other forms of discomfort will also be reduced.

Hemorrhoidal Artery Litigation and Recto Anal Repair (HAL-RAR)

This type of procedure is just recently being introduced in the medical field. The treatment requires a small Doppler sensor to be inserted into the patient’s anus. The purpose of doing this is to detect the arteries that supply blood to the hemorrhoids through the Doppler sensor. By using this technology, the precise location of the culprit blood vessels will be revealed. Once the spot is pinpointed, the doctor can then proceed by cutting off the blood supply.

It is called an invasive form of treatment but takes only around 20 minutes to complete. This procedure is very quick, effective, and painless. Afterwards, patients can immediately go home once the treatment is done. The hurting and bleeding hemorrhoids will be reduced at a fast pace. Then leave it a few weeks the ailment will disappear as if nothing happened.


Whether hemorrhoids are being removed by anal fissure treatment or sclerotherapy, there are treatment options if you have painful hemorrhoids. Fortunately, most of them aren’t very painful either, even if they sound like it. Just don’t let big scary terms like anal fissure treatment scare you off from getting the relief that you deserve.

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