GeneralHow Do the Right Athletic Shoes Prevent Injuries?

Many people do sport every day, and they strive to purchase sensible clothing and shoes. The reason for this is not the only comfort. If you’re an athlete or just like to jog and play various sports games, you can get injuries sometimes because of the wrong training technique. Low-quality footwear may also cause sprains and some illnesses. So, you should be careful when choosing basketball shoes for volleyball or athletic shoes for walking. 

Actually, athletic shoes are proper for everyday walking, especially if you spend a lot of time on-the-go. You may think, why do you need orthopedic shoes if you don’t have any foot issues? However, they can prevent many problems in the future. The right shoes keep the stable feet position and have a high–level cushioning system. Besides these features, there are some other reasons for choosing rational footwear.

Why Is It Significant to Choose Healthy Footwear? 

The ideal sneakers for running do not always fit for the gym, and the best walking shoes can cause problems if you play football in them. In the beginning, you will feel normal when training. But through some time, ankle pain might appear, or it will be painful to step on your foot. That’s why you should choose shoes according to your physical activity. If you have diverse exercises, consider buying specific footwear for each of them. 

If you suffer from foot problems for some time, you should ask the specialist for help. Even if you think that it’s not a severe issue, it’s better to prevent other illnesses. In case you’re wearing the wrong shoes, the foot tissue can lose its strength. So, it will give you less support. It’s the first factor that influences the injury’s appearance. 

The most common foot injuries are ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis, fractures of the ankle or the foot, and some others. Most athletes have dealt with these issues at least once in their life. However, even people who are not so active can get injuries.

The uncomfortable shoes don’t keep your feet in a stable position – as a result, your walking or running can create too high pressure on some feet parts. So, the right shoes can solve this problem easily. 

You should choose the footwear considering not only the physical activity you’re doing but also your personal needs. Your foot shape plays a big role. Of course, it’s much better to try on a pair of shoes and take a short walk in the store. If there is a strong grip of the shoe to your heel, that means this footwear fits you. Also, the shoes should be neither loose nor tight and allow your toes to move. 

How to Find Proper Athletic Shoes? 

There are diverse athletic shoe types for each sports game or exercise. As I have noted before, some footwear designs are not suitable for the specific activity.

For example, walking shoes differ from sports footwear. They are more firm, especially in the front, and should have a reliable shock absorption in the heel. Also, if you have ankle problems or pain, you need to find shoes with a flexible cushion in the midsole.

The runners should search for highly flexible shoes that have a well-built cushioning system to prevent injuries caused by the uneven pressure distribution. Besides, they need to have a medium heel for more regular control. It’s better to choose mesh materials to make the shoes more breathable and lightweight. 

Basketball and some other games played on the court require a solid outsole made of the stronger rubber type. Also, as you can make harsh movements, the footwear should have a wider base. The material needs to be thicker than running shoes have. You will also jump more – so, the high-top model prevents sprains and injuries during the game. 

However, the shoes for tennis, which is also played on the court, need to have a more flexible sole. The fabric should keep the foot in a stable position. When you play tennis, you don’t run as much as you do in basketball, but the midsole should have a reliable cushion to reduce the pressure during jumping. 

Such sports games like football, soccer, and other field activities require studs, spikes, or cleats. These shoes are firm and protect your feet from injuries perfectly. Also, it’s much easier to run quickly while wearing this kind of footwear. 

Of course, it’s significant to search for footwear that suits a specific physical activity. But don’t forget to consider your personal needs. Some models fit people with a thin or thick shape, and some other shoes suit long or short toes. So, the recommendation is to try them on before buying.

How to Take Care of Athletic Shoes?

You should wash your shoes inside at least once a month. But you can clean them outside each time you do sport. Of course, if you use the footwear rarely, you don’t need to wash them as frequently. 

If the manufacturer allows you to put the shoes in the washing machine, you should do this carefully. Firstly, choose the low temperature and take out the inside sole. Also, wash the laces separately. Don’t put the shoes into the dryer – apply only the air dry because the shoes may lose their shape. 

When to Change the Pair of Shoes?

Athletic shoes need to be changed when they can’t perform functions as well as earlier. Usually, such footwear wears out after one or two years. However, there are some shoe conditions when you need to replace them. Firstly, if they have become too firm or too tight because of the washing, they can’t protect your feet from injuries. Also, if the shoes are too flexible, they can’t keep the ankle stable. You will feel when this difference appears. So, don’t wait until your shoes have holes to change them – find a new pair when you really need it.

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