DentistryHow Dentistry Affects More than the Mouth

From the time we’re kids up through the rest of our lives, most of us are very scared, or at least a bit concerned, about going to visit a dentist’s office. We don’t want to sit in that chair. We don’t want our mouths poked and prodded. It’s a very anxious experience for most people. A big part of this is because of how pop culture has displayed dentistry over the years. Have you ever saw a glamorous show about how dentists are out there helping people? Of course not; it’s mostly just how people are screaming and crying in dentists’ chairs in dimly lit, sterile rooms. Though perhaps we shouldn’t have such a fear about going to see a dentistry practitioner. The facts are a lot different than the fictions, and what you might find is a very peaceful environment where you can relax and have important work done.

When you go to visit a dental office, you’re receiving vital care that can help you with issues that go well beyond just your mouth. Practitioners like drtraceydowntowndental.ca provide you with quality care in a very safe, relaxing environment. This is care that will help you in many more ways than just having a great smile and straight teeth. The dentist is a lot more than that, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

The Historic Multifaceted Dentist

Historically speaking, dentists did a lot more than just yank teeth out. They were sort of like barbers. If you ever wanted to know the history of that red and white pole outside of their shops, it’s because barbers used to do surgeries, treat wounds, and much more. The same rings true for dentists. In fact, modern dentistry was created in the 1700s by a French surgeon who did a lot more than work on the mouth. Of course, today’s dentists have a very niche specific craft and aren’t exactly treating gunshot wounds and setting broken bones. But things weren’t always that streamlined in dentistry. A doctor was a doctor in our past.

What Dentists Mainly Do

The dentist of today has a much narrower scope of responsibilities, of course, considering the fact that there are doctors for eyes, joints, backs, hearts, and all sorts of other niche groups. Today’s dentists’ primary focuses are on the teeth and gums. So they examine the teeth for damage and perform procedures like fillings and root canals. They also are able to replace teeth and will make molds and casts of new teeth to replace existing teeth. Of course, dentists are also qualified to give out treatment courses, particularly through prescription medications, like antibiotics to treat infections and pain medications to handle discomfort and such after procedures.

While this might seem like a pretty thin line of duties performed by dentists today, these few things have reverberating effects throughout the whole body.

Three Ways Quality Dentistry Affects More than Your Mouth

1: Headaches and Pain

Bad teeth cause the type of pain people remember for the rest of their lives. Problems in the mouth can also lead to serious neck issues and really bad headaches. Your local dental office treating your initial teeth issues can prevent or alleviate these other issues that happen as a result of your mouth.

2: Infections

Infections of the mouth can spread out and cause serious consequences. Something like an abscessed tooth must be taken care of. This is the sort of infection that can make your entire body sick, if that infection gets into your bloodstream. So there’s a lot more than your teeth at risk here.

3: Sleeplessness

General pain and discomfort can keep you awake at night. Sleeplessness can lead to all sorts of other issues. What you think is only a toothache can end up having some seriously negative consequences on your entire life. So to this degree, proper dentistry is affecting much more than your mouth.

If you need quality dental care, you should be able to find a local practitioner near you who offers everything you need and more in a safe, professional environment.

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