DentistryHow Clear Aligners Are The Pathway To A Perfect Smile

It’s no secret that a set of perfectly aligned teeth make a beautiful smile. Unless, you are one of those few, who are blessed with straight pearly whites, you most likely have considered braces to achieve that perfect smile at one point or another. Some issues that might have kept you from getting braces are that the metal wires and brackets are visible, require frequent visits to the dentist or orthodontist and are harder to brush and floss. The same reasons are why you should instead consider clear aligners. Not only do they provide a more discreet orthodontic treatment, but are also removable, which makes life a lot easier while undergoing orthodontic treatment. But, how do we know whether clear aligner treatment is as effective as other orthodontic treatment options? Let’s find out.

Ideal for mild to moderate tooth movements

Clear aligners have become a popular alternative to metal braces. Even though every year they seem to become more and more popular, clear aligner therapy has been around since 1998. What makes clear aligners even more attractive is the fact that they are nearly invisible and provide you with the discretion you require while undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, whether you are the right candidate for clear aligner treatment depends upon a full consultation with a dentist or orthodontist. Clear aligners are typically most effective for mild to moderate cases, and sometimes more challenging cases as well. Many times, they are equally as effective as the most comprehensive fixed appliance (braces) orthodontic treatment.

The gentle technique of clear aligner therapy

Clear aligner trays are custom designed for individual teeth structures. These personalized trays help make small movements for each aligner – one stage at a time. Similar to braces, they also put gentle pressure on the teeth. You are required to change the trays every week so that the tooth position is improved slowly but effectively. This treatment is comfortable for the patient as the changes from aligner to aligner typically only prompt mild discomfort when first changing trays. Always keep to the aligner change schedule prescribed by your orthodontist to get the best results.

Disciplined lifestyle for a beautiful smile

Even though they are removable, for your customised clear aligner trays to be effective, you must wear them at least 22 hours per day. That means you need to plan your day in such a way that it doesn’t take more than 2 hours to eat, brush and floss without the aligners in. It’s important to inform your orthodontist if the trays don’t fit fully seated.

OrthoFX is a popular consumer choice for safety and affordability. OrthoFX’s focus on customer service follows your journey from the time you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment to the time your treatment is completed. OrthoFX Clear Aligners are known to provide patients with a comfortable fit due to their material and the trim of the aligners. OrthoFX treatment package includes a dental exam, teeth scan, all treatment aligners, in-person doctor visits and the first set of retainers. OrthoFX has high customer satisfaction rates: patients report they are happy with the smile they wanted and the time they complete treatment.

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