Healthcare MarketingHealthcare Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2022

The healthcare industry is very competitive, and organizations must adopt the right digital marketing strategy to remain relevant and visible. Many sectors experienced changes due to the pandemic, including the health industry. This change gave rise to marketing trends that would set the pace for effective performance and visibility.

“Healthcare marketing trends are very dynamic. It is essential for organizations to observe what digital marketing trends competitors are investing in to bring about growth in their operations,” says Bill Fukui. Bill has been in the medical marketing field for over 25 years. Recent studies have shown that in the United States, people’s health awareness has increased post-COVID.

This is good news for most health-oriented organizations, as more people are willing to invest more in their health. However, these organizations will need to develop better marketing techniques to get to their desired consumers. To effectively market their products, organizations need to know the newest marketing trends.

Reasons Marketing Trends Affect the Bottom Line

You may be wondering why businesses should consider marketing trends before carrying out their marketing efforts. Trends are very dynamic and often do not last for a long time. While marketing trends are something that comes and goes, they play a vital role in determining the results of marketing efforts.

Here are reasons why organizations should keep an eye on the marketing trends:

  • Marketing trends help organizations remain innovative. When organizations study the marketing trends, they can identify the behaviors that the customers favor and become better equipped to provide solutions that will meet the consumers’ needs
  • Keeping an eye on marketing trends will help fast-track growth in the right direction
  • Marketing trends are not driven by organizations but rather by patients and their caregivers. The goal is to provide products and services that the consumers will find helpful. The marketing trends show what the people are currently going for, so keeping an eye on it will help to ensure that the organization does not launch products or services that are not in demand

Healthcare Marketing Trends that will make Waves in 2022

Here are healthcare marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

#1. Integrated Health System

The demand for an integrated health system has risen considerably, and the reason for this is that more healthcare consumers are looking for convenient ways to access healthcare services. Therefore, a healthcare solution that will provide the consumers with varied services on the go will thrive. To remain competitive, traditional hospitals will have to expand their operations to include the provision of other services such as urgent care and primary and retail care.

#2. The Reign of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

The marketing landscape has experienced considerable changes in the last two decades, with social media campaigns taking the lead, giving traditional advertising a backseat in the marketing world. One thing that has made it possible for digital advertising to overshadow traditional advertising options like television, newspapers, magazines, and radio is the change in consumer behavior.

Many consumers are internet-savvy with varied alternatives to shop for goods and services online. Though organizations need to invest resources into digital marketing, they should not neglect traditional advertising as some consumers are also in this space. An effective marketing strategy will ensure that efforts are invested in digital and traditional advertising to reach as many consumers as possible.

#3. The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector is gaining more popularity daily. According to a report, more than 86 percent of healthcare organizations in the United States use artificial intelligence in carrying out their operations.

It has become easier than ever before with artificial intelligence for patients to access healthcare services and consult with their doctors without visiting the doctor’s office. Patients can also access their medical reports and data stored in the cloud from wherever they are with more ease. This trend has come to stay, and healthcare companies should pay more attention to it in 2022 and beyond.

#4. Telehealth Services

The use of telehealth services rose considerably during the pandemic. Previously a temporary solution, telehealth became a convenient and easy way to access healthcare due to restrictions on movements and the high demand for healthcare services. As things return to normal, the use of telehealth has declined a bit.

However, reports show that after the pandemic, the use of telehealth is 38 times more than it used to be before the pandemic. While telehealth may not be ideal for every health issue, it is a good alternative for accessing specialty and behavioral health care. Therefore, healthcare organizations should tailor future customer experience towards telehealth as it is more accessible, protects the patient’s privacy, and is highly convenient.

#5. Multigenerational Targeted Marketing

Healthcare marketing efforts in 2022 will take into consideration the age, attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of consumers. To be able to reach a diverse population, marketing strategies will study the targeted population and answer the following questions:

  • Who are the targeted consumers and their ages?
  • What is the kind of service they expect from their health care provider?
  • What is the best medium for reaching the targeted consumers, and what is the best way to communicate with them?
  • What unique services are you ready to offer the consumers that will set you apart from the competition?

Answering these questions will help the organization narrow down its marketing efforts to options that would place them in front of those who need their products and services.

#6. Personalization of Interactions

Personalization is a healthcare marketing trend that has been around for a while and will still be relevant even in 2022. For most healthcare consumers, personalization when interacting with providers is on top of their priority list. Consumers will favor services that make them feel more like valued customers and less of a number.

Bottom Line

In healthcare marketing, consumers are the king. Therefore, marketers should be willing to provide healthcare services that meet the consumer’s needs. To do that, marketers must identify the trends and be ready to make the necessary change.

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