GeneralDry January: A Reminder that Many Cannot Just Stop Drinking

When the holidays are over and one has indulged on all the alcohol available at Christmas parties and get togethers, there might be the need for a break from alcohol. Start the new year off with a “Dry January”, a fresh start when a lot of people decide to avoid booze for the entire month. In this feature we take a detailed look at what this extraordinary campaign entails, and all of the fantastic health benefits and dangers that go along with it.

What is Dry January?

Dry January most appealing to those who may have noticed a pattern that they have been drinking a little bit more than they should. This is especially true due to the festivities during the holidays. Moderate intake of alcohol is a glass a day and not exceeding seven per week.

Drinking beyond that limit may lead to an array of health issues. This is why a month-long break would be the healthy start someone may be looking forward to in the new year. In most cases, at the start of February, people who have applied the Dry January programme, have discovered that they do not require alcohol as much as they thought. This is because they have detoxed their bodies from the alcohol, ridding their organisms of the chemicals related to spirits.

Additionally, by doing so they even reap some significant health benefits. This approach to the new year may feel so good that a person may decide on jumping ship from alcohol for good.

Dry January Is Not Easy for Everyone

Those suffering with an alcohol use disorder often uses the substance in excess. A commitment to abstinence is a good place to start for them, however they might need extra help from family and friends. This is important to ensure the addicted person’s safety and increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

Dry January is not meant for those who suffer from alcohol use disorder, alcoholism or who are dependent on alcohol. Dry January can be dangerous for people who have built-up tolerance to this substance. Detoxification from alcohol is one of the hardest procedures in alcoholism treatment, and as such should only be done under medical supervision. Even when undergoing home detox from alcohol, you will have dedicated medical personnel available, as well as a trusted friend or family member to look after you.

Health Benefits of Dry January

Below are some benefits of implementing Dry January:

Mood Elevation

A glass of wine or a beer every day may seem to lift up a person’s spirits and do away with current problems. However, in case consuming alcohol becomes a coping mechanism, it may hide underlying depression or anxiety issues. Alcohol is never a coping mechanism. It just hides the problems behind the chemical effect of being drunk. After going through Dry January, you will discover that your mind works faster and you can solve your problems without relying on alcohol’s help to calm you down.

Peaceful Sleep

Usually after a night of drinking, it is normal to fall asleep quite fast, but only to be awake a few hours later. This may be due to the fact that alcohol messes with the human body’s ability to handle adenosine. If you go through Dry January, you will discover that you body is perfectly capable of regulating its sleep regime without external stimuli.

Weight Loss

functions including metabolism. Not only do alcoholic beverages contribute to weight gain, but those calories are liquified, which does not fill a person up the same way food does.

Sticking with The Break

As this month-long break from alcohol may not be easy, here are a few tips to get you along the way

A Change in Routine

Beating the habit comes down to rethinking the ways drinking is enabled or encouraged.

Make space for other activities when you would usually look for alcohol-related activities.

List Reasons to Quit

Design a list of reasons why alcohol should not be consumed and read it each day. Stick it on your fridge or bedroom mirror. Keep a reminder that alcohol can be consumed but the choice remains not to do so. More often grappling with a thought reinforces it and makes for a better outcome in the long run.


Regardless of a person’s reasons for starting you can launch yourself towards a better lifestyle with these tips. Whether a decision is made to quit alcohol for good afterward, taking on this challenge will help rethink alcohol consumption as a whole. It is important to stay focused on your health goals, regulate your intake, find alternatives best for you and do not be ashamed of any relapses. Help is always available should it be needed.

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