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Addiction comes in different forms.  The most common are those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  But did you know that in recent years, another addiction arose? One of the recent ones in the last years was internet addiction.

The internet, computer, smartphones have invaded our lives. Many can’t live a day without browsing or touching their phones. It has changed the lives of many. But, the internet has affected others more than the average person.

For some people, the internet has interfered with the way they live. It has affected the psychological functioning of others. The Internet has even affected the mental health of some people.

Surfing and watching videos are normal activities that can be deemed harmless. But if the person spends most of his or her 24 hours on the net, it signals a problem.

It becomes problematic when the whole time already revolves around the net. The person does not even have time to do other things. The time dictated on the net already dictates how he lives. It evolves into a problem if it already affects work or studies and relationships. This can already be an internet addiction.

Internet addiction can be treated. There are professional rehabs in Bali who can help deal with addiction.

Internet Addiction Types

To date, internet addiction has yet to be classified and officially diagnosed. But some researchers and experts say that there are potentially five types of internet addiction.

Computer or Gaming Addiction

Gaming can be very addicting for some. Many start from being a casual player. Then later on evolve into being gaming addicts. We have heard much news around the world wherein some teenagers died from gaming. They did not eat and sleep for 24 hours or more. They were so consumed with gaming that they overlooked the basics of living a life.

This addiction is very harmful and decreases the productivity of the person. He/she loses interest in the other aspects of his life. His only focus is to finish the game or outdo anyone playing.

This particularly happens a lot right now around the world. Gaming has been very competitive.  Gamers compete with others across the world. While gaming can be seen as harmless and legitimate, players have to be conscious of the time they devote. Otherwise, the time spent can easily consume the person. It can cross to addiction already.

Compulsive Information Seeking

There is a wide and deep data available on the net. While we all turn to the net to gather data or research, it can be overly compulsive to some.  Compulsive information seeking can happen to some people. When it does, it reduces the person’s productivity. The tendency is to rely so much on the net for anything. When a person loses his productivity, say at work, it can lead to termination. It can affect a person’s life.

This addiction can be treated. The treatment depends on the case. The options can be different therapy modalities, treating behavior, developing coping mechanisms. Lastly, medication can also help.

Cyber or Online Relationship Addiction

Before the internet age, many found love and relationships through traditional face-to-face methods. When the internet arose, many dating sites have been put up. Those who want to find love or any casual relationships turned to the net.

In the earlier days, these were chat rooms on the net. Later on, it has evolved into social media, applications, and dating websites.

Those who have become online relationship addicts have become deeply involved online. They depended on finding and maintaining relationships purely online.  It has come to the point of neglecting real-life relationships. Some even had a different or alternate person online. They have pursued online relationships while hiding their real identities. These are called ‘catfish.’

Cybersex Addiction

Other people have resorted to cybersex addiction. This involves pornography and creating adult content websites. They go into an online sexual fantasy world. They venture into adult chat rooms. Some use a webcam for pornography or molest others. Others had become predators of children.

Cybersex addiction has harmed the person’s ability to have real-life romantic relationships.  This addiction needs a high form of intervention or therapy.

Net Compulsions

Net compulsions revolve around excessive online gambling and stock trading. It also includes excessive online auctions and online shopping.  These can harm the individual. It can have a big impact on the financial status of the person as he cannot control his impulse to gamble and buy.  Addiction to these can lead to overspending and losing money big time.  Money that can be spent better elsewhere is consumed online.  It can strain a person’s relationship with his family or spouse.

How Internet Addiction Affects a Person

Sometimes, without the person knowing it, internet addiction can hamper a person. It can have many harmful effects. It can affect overall well-being. The effect can be physical, emotional, social, mental, and/or spiritual.

The physical effects can be body aches and weight gain or loss. Others include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, insomnia, and vision problems.

Emotional effects can lead to depression, anxiety, and mood swings. It can also yield dishonesty and social isolation.

With an online persona different from reality, it can affect the person’s ability to make real-life meaningful relationships. It can make them dependent on the internet. Their identity outside of the internet can be lost.

If you or someone you love are dealing with any form of internet addiction, look for professional rehabs in Bali to help.

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