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According to The Carpet and Rug Institute, anyone with carpet and rugs in their home should be cleaning them every 12 to 18 months at a minimum. While it might not be all that convenient to have to move your furniture, look for a professional cleaning service and spend a bit of money, it can be beneficial for the health of your carpet and your family. And, doesn’t everyone want their loved ones to be happy and healthy? Below, you can read about how carpet cleaning can be more beneficial than you think.

Reduces the Impact of Allergies

Did you know that as many as 30 percent of adults in the world react to at least one allergen? In the United States alone, allergies affect as many as 50 million people, being the sixth-most common chronic condition. Knowing how common allergies can be, doesn’t it make sense to get to the crux of the problem? Regular carpet cleaning, above and beyond vacuuming, can help to eliminate or reduce allergic reactions to dust, debris, pet fur, and more.

Of course, regular vacuuming will help to remove some bacteria, dirt, and dust mites, but utilizing a professional cleaning service can end up being more effective. It can also help to reduce the risk of colds, breathing problems, and other health issues in the more vulnerable members of your family. Considering a national survey shows a strong connection between the quantity of dust on your carpet and the severity of your asthma, there’s no time like the present to consider carpet cleaning.

Beneficial for Children

Following on from a regular carpet cleaning service helping to remove allergens, it can also help the younger members of your family more than most.  According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, children have a weaker immunity than many adults, and due to being lower to the ground, are more at risk to harm from allergens than their parents.

Eleven square feet of carpet can contain around two ounces of dust, which means that any crawling child can consume upwards of 10 grams of dust every day! It might be time to bring in a professional cleaning service sooner rather than later.

Improves Your Airflow

Even if it’s your carpet harboring dust, debris, and dirt, it can end up affecting your home’s airflow as well as your carpet’s integrity. If there are that many allergens in your carpet, there are bound to be as many in the air around you. Usually, the airflow is more impeded around your wall area, causing your home to feel stuffy, clogged, and unpleasant. You can, of course, remove some of these allergens with a vacuum cleaner, but if you want to improve your airflow adequately for the health of your family, you may need a proper carpet cleaning service.


There’s no denying that regular carpet cleaning can promote better health for your family, but it can also help your house to be far cleaner which has benefits of its own. Did you know that four out of ten people have not used a professional cleaning service? Those same people then have carpets that are around 4,000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. With at least 75 percent of homeowners wearing shoes in the house at one time or another, it’s clear to see there’s going to be more filth, dirt, and dust in your carpet than you ever thought possible.

When Should I Hire a Cleaning Service?

As previously stated, any homeowner or renter with carpet or rugs should enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaner, at a minimum, once every year or 18 months. However, there are a few things that might contribute to the need to clean it more often.

Consider how often you vacuum. The more you clean, the longer you can usually go between carpet cleaning sessions. Vacuuming can help to remove loose dirt before it embeds in the fibers of your carpet. It also pays to consider those with sensitivity to allergens. Carpet fibers work as filters, collecting dust and debris to stop it from floating through the air. If you disturb your carpet, you are inviting those allergens back into the air for those sensitive family members to inhale.

The color of your carpet can also help you to determine when is a good time to consider a professional cleaning service. Lighter carpet tends to show up more dirt and grime – which can mean you think about cleaning it more often than darker colored rugs that tend to hide a lot of what’s hiding within.

If you have pets, allow people to wear shoes in your home, or have young children, you may like to ignore the 12-18-month rule and instead use a cleaning service twice per year, if not more. The cleaner your carpet is, the more your family will benefit.

Regular, domestic carpet cleaning can benefit your family’s health in so many ways, and it’s also helpful for the longevity of your carpet and rugs as well. If you can’t recall the last time you used a professional carpet cleaning service, then it’s highly likely that it’s long overdue. Now’s the time to consider giving a carpet cleaning provider a call.

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