General3 Technologies Used to Discover and Treat Skin Disorders

Skin disease is a serious issue that threatens our health, comfort, and appearance.  Common skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, hives, sunburn, can be treated using natural remedies or conventional methods that involve a trip to the dermatologist. But aside from these treatment options, there is always a place for tech in the equation.

Thanks to the technological advancement in medicine, people with varying skin conditions can be happy. Why? Because this advancement has resulted in the introduction of certain tech designed to treat, access, and diagnose skin conditions, quickly, effortlessly, and effectively. Before we look at these wonderful techs, let’s consider the meaning of skin disease.

What is skin disease?

Many of us are conversant with the term skin disease. But, unfortunately, only a few of us understand (to a good extent) what skin disease is. If you fall in such a category, here is a terse definition of skin diseases.

Skin diseases are problems that affect your skin. These diseases may result in inflammation, rashes, itchiness, or other skin changes. Some skin conditions are associated with genetics. What this means is that it runs in the family. On the other hand, some skin conditions are induced by some lifestyle factors.

Skin diseases are treated by a dermatologist. Treatment varies and may include medications, creams or ointments, or lifestyle changes.

1. Telemedicine

Technological innovation resulted in the introduction of technology designed to treat skin conditions in ways beyond our imagination. One of such ways is what people call telehealth.

Telehealth solutions are quite popular in dermatology, and the medical industry as a whole.This system makes it quite easy to detect whether you have a skin issue with the aid of smartphones merged with swift internet connection that also makes it less difficult to send pictures or videos remotely. Teledermatology services are gaining lots of traction thanks to the numerous benefits it offers.

Mind you, this piece of tech is only designed for the remote diagnosis of skin conditions and not the treatment. Consider IPL, chemical peel at Laser Clinique, recommended by your dermatologist to treat your skin condition.

2. Light Therapies

When light therapies were introduced several years back, they didn’t gain enough traction probably because it was still in its early days or it was yet to be refined. Fast-forward to a few years back, light therapies have become the go-to therapy for certain skin conditions like wrinkles, spots, etc.

Aside from being effective in treating common skin illnesses, Dermatologists can leverage this tech to assist in the recovering and smoothening of pigmentations in areas affected.

3. Artificial intelligence

Surprised? What does skincare have to do with artificial intelligence, and how can it help in discovering and treating skin diseases?

Deep learning algorithms—which is a broader family of machine learning—are quite effective in spotting specific images, thus giving them a chance to feature in medical specialties that deal with image analysis, like radiology and dermatology.

For example, tech giant IBM has given dermatologists the approval to use the results of Watson IBM’s deep learning platform to identify  melanoma, including other types of skin cancer swiftly, and without the need for multiple colonoscopies.


The few technologies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. As we experience a more technological breakthrough in the healthcare sector, we will definitely see the introduction of more technologies which will prove effective in the early detection and treatment of skin diseases.

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