Healthcare Marketing10 Ways Medical Influencers Can Help You Market Your Healthcare Business

Influencer marketing is expanding fast, especially in this social media age. Influencers don’t only thrive in the beauty and fitness industries. Nowadays, patients are taking their search for health-related information online, so health care businesses have to find more ways to connect with their target customers. According to Andrea Paul, the founder of Health Media Experts, if  you’re looking for a way to promote your business and reach a wider audience, you should consider getting the services of a medical influencer.

Health Media Experts, a leading health and medical marketing company, uses medical influencers extensively in their marketing plans for healh care businesses. Here are their recommendations as to the top 10 ways you can use medical influencers for medical marketing:

1. Sponsored posts

One of the most popular marketing strategies influencers employ is doing sponsored posts. Basically, you pay well-known medical influencers to generate targeted content on their social media accounts or blogs for your healthcare business. The posts can vary based on what exactly you want to market at that time, but you need to keep it within the influencer’s range of topics and messaging.

User-generated content will always attract a larger audience than one that seems too corporate or sales-driven. Because the influencer knows their audience, you need to let them curate content that falls in line with their personality and voice so their audience can relate to them.

2. Follow social media trends

Social media goes through trends by the hour, so you need to take advantage of them while they happen, or set new trends. Since influencers have some sway over their audience, they can be in an excellent position to get your business involved in the latest trends, hashtags, and movements. You can pay for a certain number of posts or impressions, depending on how large of an audience you want to reach.

3. Giveaways and discounts

Giveaways are great for everyone involved, including your target audience. You can organize giveaways with a medical influencer where the interested members of the audience compete for gifts, services, and discounts. Usually, the competition will center around promoting your brand by liking posts, following your accounts, tagging other people, and even engaging in creative competitions focused on your brand.

Your business will benefit from the exposure in exchange for some giveaway items and a fee to the influencer. This strategy is particularly relevant if you want to market a new product or revive interest in a particular product you offer.

4. Social media campaigns and hashtags

Social media campaigns are a more effective way to use sponsored posts to create buzz for your business. Medical influencers have a large reach so, a number of them talking about the same brand or a new service will make waves, even in the healthcare market.

Get a group of them together and come up with a solid campaign strategy, then sit back and watch them do the work. They can create hashtags, challenges, and other online events to get people excited about it. Also, they can use relevant topics to generate your content so they can reach more people than the regular health care crowd.

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5. Get people talking about a new product or service

There is no better time to engage a medical influencer than when you are about to launch a new product or service. You can send them new products before they launch and get them to make posts about the launch to get people interested. With some targeted posts, they can generate buzz amongst their following for your product. If you have a competition or giveaway on the launch day, you can attract even more people.

6. Attend your events

You can take advantage of influencer marketing to promote your events and social gatherings. The medical influencer can simply advertise the event for you, affirm that they will be there, and invite their following to join them.

They can also be involved in the events as speakers, guests, or hosts, which can drive up attendance, given that they have people that will want to see them. Events like these are a great way to market your business and take advantage of the increased traffic a medical influencer will expose you to.

7. Review your products or services

Another way to foster a temporary relationship with an influencer is by getting them to review your products. Reviews are getting more popular over time because you can get information about your brand and business out there. How this works is that you give influencers exclusive access to your products or services for free, and in return, they post a review of that product.

They can either introduce the product immediately they get it or use it for a while to get a better understanding of how it works. For example, an influencer can get free dental work done and refer their audience to the dentist. The risk here is if you deliver poor service, then they can give a negative review that will damage your reputation.

8. Come on board as an advisor, consultant, or brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is essentially a face of your business, so this is a very lucrative opportunity for both parties. Making an influencer your brand ambassador is a long-term partnership because brand ambassadors tend to work with a business for several months, or even years. The great thing about this setup is that they have to continually promote your business, reveal more details about your products to the public, and inspire trust in their audience.

9. Collaborations

Collaborations are a more permanent way you can benefit from influencer marketing. You can pick an influencer that has some expertise in your specific field and collaborate on a new product or project. Alternatively, the influencer can come under your business and offer services sponsored by you. Partnerships like these are more permanent compared to some of the others, and they also tend to bring the most profit.

10. Platform takeover

Platform takeovers typically involve bringing the influencer onboard your social media accounts, or your brand taking over theirs for some time. It can be just a few hours to chat with your customers or make relatable videos using your products. They can also take over your social media accounts and relate with the audience as your brand. This fosters a more personal relationship with your customers, and it also attracts more visitors to your socials channels.

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