GeneralWhat Can Botox Do For My Nose?

Many people all over the world are very conscious about the appearance of their nose. After all, it is the main focal point of the face, and something that is visible to all. Noses, like people, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large. Some are beautiful, others not so much. What makes a nose beautiful differs from person to person, and what may seem to ugly to one person can seem beautiful to another.

Many people choose to undergo Rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of their nose, and usually the results of the procedure bring a great deal of relief and satisfaction to the individual. However, nose jobs can be very expensive, and like all forms of surgery, carry an element of risk.

What type of procedure you have done on your nose depends on what you want to achieve. Some procedures are easier than others, and recovery times from the surgery vary inevitably. However, not all nose work requires the patient to go under the knife.

There are several conditions that can be helped with Botox. This non-surgical procedure is something that is popular with men and women who may want to have a little work done on their nose, rather than something drastic. You will find a lot of medical centers and private clinics that offer such treatments, and you can get your botox treatment at myethosspa.com as well as various other places.

Bunny Lines

One condition that many people have is what is known as “bunny lines”, which are lines that run across the top of the nose from side to side. This has been named as such because it is generally caused by the squinting of one’s face, similar to that of a bunny rabbit.

Not everyone will get bunny lines. They are the result of people’s facial expressions, usually from laughter, as many people squint and crinkle their nose. However, they can also be caused by too much Botox treatment between your eyebrow area. So if you are having Botox treatment there, try not to overdo it, as it could inadvertently lead to bunny lines across your nose.

Enhancing the nose tip

Some people can suffer from a drooping nose, where the tip of the nose slowly starts sagging down. This is a common result of aging and can affect men and women over a certain age. Botox is an excellent alternative to surgery to fix this issue, though the results will be temporary.

The Botox is injected just under the septum of the nose. This is where the septi muscle is located, and whose job is the lowering of the tip of one’s nose as well as the constriction of the person’s nostrils. By having Botox in this area, the muscle is numbed, restricting its ability to perform the tasks it was made for.

Restricting nasal flare

The flaring of the nasal is a natural occurrence that happens when you breathe. Your nostrils will open up when taking breath in, or when you laugh or smile. Not everyone will have this condition, and it varies from person to person. However, it is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and can result in individuals withdrawing themselves from social interactions, purely because of the person’s self-confidence.

Many people will turn to a Botox procedure for this condition, where the Botox is injected above the outer flare area of the nostril, on either side of the nose. The Botox will numb the muscle in this area and limit its functionality. The results of the procedure will also vary from person to person, and it is a procedure that will need to be repeated several times a year in order to manage the flaring.

Other conditions will require surgery

Botox is a wonderful treatment for various conditions, though it isn’t a magic potion and cannot fix every issue or condition. In some instances, there will be no choice but to undergo a surgical procedure. If for example you are looking to have your nose reshaped or reduced in size, then the only option for this will be to go under the knife.

If you are suffering with breathing problems caused by narrow airwaves in your nose, then again, surgery will be the only option available to you. It’s never fun having to have a surgical procedure carried out, and there are always risks with all forms of surgery, but if your condition is a health related one, then you should speak to your doctor who will give you the best advice on what you need to do.

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