Digital HealthUC San Diego Extension Offers Specialized Digital Health Training With New Certificate Program

The multidisciplinary field of digital health is more important than ever, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has only brought greater attention to the need for healthcare providers to be looking to adopt these practices at their organizations.

As more and more patients grow wary of in-person visits and now see digital health as more of a necessity than merely a perk, providers are being forced to fast-track their knowledge and implementation of data science, telemedicine, mHealth and other technologies.

UC San Diego Extension is doing their part by offering a specialized certificate program in Digital Health.

What Is the Purpose of the Program?

Many of today’s medical and entrepreneurial professionals attended university before digital health had been incorporated into their programs. Not to mention, many current medical school programs have yet to be updated to include all of the latest practices in digital healthcare.

The lack of education about digital health means that at many organizations, the adoption of digital health hardly extends further than the implementation of electronic health records.

The Digital Health certificate program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of digital health, equipping healthcare and entrepreneurial professionals with knowledge and skills that will help them adopt digital health practices and implement them throughout their organizations.

What Does the Program Include?

In total, the Digital Health program consists of five required core courses, an elective course, and an optional capstone project.

The program’s required courses are Introduction to Digital Health, Data Science for Digital Health, Case Studied in Digital Health, Digital Innovation in Translational and Clinical Research, and Digital Health Business and Commercialization Strategies.

These five courses are taught by several leading academic thought leaders and practitioners. What’s more, they are structured and ordered in such a way that students are able to incrementally increase their understanding of digital health by building on existing knowledge—starting with very basic concepts in Introduction to Digital Health and cultimating in more advanced ideas in some of the program’s final courses.

The Digital Health program also includes an elective, Introduction to Health Blockchain. Finally, the program offers a Digital Health Capstone Project—an optional course. Together, the program’s courses cover a wide range of concepts, healthcare technologies, and actionable practices.

As this program can be completed online (with exception of some elements of the capstone project, in certain cases) students are able to progress through the program on a flexible timeline. The majority of students are able to earn their certificate within 12 – 18 months.

Who Will Benefit from the Program?

This specialized certificate program is designed for those with technical and non-technical backgrounds alike, and across all levels of expertise.

Whether you’re currently practicing healthcare or have a general interest in digital health, the Digital Health program will equip you with all of the necessary knowledge and skills—not only to face many of the immediate healthcare challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic but also to keep you on the front foot as digital health technology continues to evolve and become more widely accepted.

Consider applying for enrollment in UC San Diego Extension’s Digital Health certificate program today!

This post has been sponsored by UC San Diego Extension

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