DentistryTop 5 Benefits of a Six Month Smile Treatment

Are your teeth crooked or spaced? Do you refuse to wear metal braces? Well, you no longer have to be self-conscious about your smile. The advancement of dental technology has led to the invention of clear aligners, performing the same function as traditional braces while looking natural.

These invisible aligners provide users with a new smile in no longer than six months, during which they experience no discomfort. There is a multitude of Mcallen dental care professionals, providing advanced orthodontic solutions to patients.

These are the crucial benefits of the six months smile treatment.

Natural-looking design

Invisible braces have become a popular teeth-straightening solution due to their clear design, which makes them look more natural when compared to traditional braces. In fact, many individuals refuse to wear the latter because of the effect metal wires have on their smiles. Nevertheless, the see-through material of clear aligners makes them practically invisible in the eyes of other people.

Consequently, many teenagers and adults decide to have their teeth straightened without worrying about the look of their smile throughout the orthodontic treatment. Additionally, these aligners are customized in a way that fits the teeth of users perfectly, which makes them even less noticeable. By wearing these discreet aligners, you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile in approximately six months.

Bite improvement

Apart from helping users straighten their teeth, clear aligners assist them in improving any bite issues they have. For instance, people experiencing an overbite face difficulties in process of biting and chewing food, whereas those coping with an underbite are likely to get their enamel worn down. In the case of an underbite, the jaw joints are exposed to an incredible amount of stress.

Individuals suffering from crossbite deal with tooth decay and gum recession. Unless these issues are corrected on time, there’s a high risk for users to experience cavities, gum disease, speech problems, swallowing problems, etc. Fortunately, clear aligners are capable of pushing the teeth of users back to the right position without causing any pain or discomfort. Visit this page to learn everything there is to know about receding gums.

Better comfort

An even greater benefit of undergoing a six-month smile treatment with clear aligners is the comfort these provide to users. The absence of metal and wires is crucial in the prevention of cuts and abrasions, which are common when wearing traditional braces. Invisible braces are made from plastic instead of metal, hence inducing greater comfort.

Moreover, when wearing metal braces, people are likely to get cut on the sharp edges of the aligners. This isn’t the case with clear aligners, as they have no sharp edges and fit the teeth of wearers ideally. Also, individuals opting for such an orthodontic treatment won’t be required to attend regular adjustments, after which they usually feel minor slight pain.

Better dental hygiene

Another fascinating benefit of wearing invisible aligners is the possibility for users to remove them whenever they wish to brush or floss their teeth. When wearing traditional braces, individuals cannot clean their teeth properly due to the presence of wires and brackets, which complicate the cleaning process.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, are easily removed and put back inside the mouth. You can even have them rinsed to prevent bacteria buildup. Bear in mind that oral hygiene is vital for the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay. The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Be-Thorough-in-Your-Oral-Hygiene-Routine, explains how to be thorough in your oral hygiene routine.

No problems when eating

Despite their unappealing look, most individuals are reluctant to wear conventional braces because of the numerous food restrictions they need to face. For instance, one cannot eat chewy, sticky, or incredibly hard foods, which means giving up some of your favorite meals.

The removable nature of invisible braces provides excellent convenience when it comes to eating. You’re only supposed to remove them before eating, brush your teeth once you finish the meal, and put the trays back in your mouth. The process takes no longer than several minutes but allows you to enjoy the meals you love.


Metal braces are no longer the only teeth-straightening alternative.

Invest in invisible aligners!

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