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The post-pandemic office will look different than it did in March 2020, and many businesses will have a hybrid structure with employees working from home some days of the week. To learn more about the topic, we conducted an interview with Juniper Office.

1. Can you tell us more about Juniper Office?

Juniper makes shopping for office furniture easy and fun. Not only do we provide a curated ecommerce shop with everything businesses need to outfit their spaces, but Juniper also offers complete support, so businesses can stay focused on what’s most important. In addition to free 3D space planning, our office experts also offer complete project management and on-site installation. We will even work with you to reconfigure your existing furniture to create a safer workspace.

In addition to our products and business services, Juniper offers a Design Trade Program for interior designers, and donates a portion of sales to the National Forest Foundation to assist with reforestation efforts across the United States.

2. What are the main issues with most office/home office designs in regard to health and safety?

Offices are rethinking how to give each employee more space and breathing room, as well as a flexible work area for different personality styles and behaviors. People have varying needs for how to work efficiently; some like moving around to different areas during the workday while others prefer a quiet space so they can focus without distractions.

Juniper offers many ways to reconfigure the workspace using existing furniture and additional products like workstation dividers, room dividers, moss walls, and even whiteboards to create open division in the office.

3. What health issues can result from bad office/home office designs?

Obviously COVID-19 has shifted the way people think about office space. Many people don’t feel safe going back into the office the way it was set up pre-pandemic. We used to focus on filling spaces with as many workstations as possible, and that focus has shifted to providing each employee with enough space to work comfortably and feel safer during the workday.

Additionally, ergonomics is always a consideration. If employees sit at fixed-height desks with inflexible chairs, there’s no way they can work comfortably for several hours. An adjustable task chair plays a critical role in the ability to work long hours comfortably. Other items like keyboard trays, monitor arms, and even power modules help promote comfort and health.

Height-adjustable desks are the best option for keeping employees in motion, allowing them to shift from sitting to standing throughout the day.

4. How do you structure commercial and home offices that would ensure employee’s safety?

We’ve helped many clients reconfigure their workspaces in preparation of their teams returning to the office, and our first focus is always on the workstations. Is there enough space between people? If not, there are many ways to create space – either by separating desks and adding storage, changing out the existing surfaces for longer ones, changing the way the desks are set up, or even by adding 30” workstation dividers. Other options include flexible work areas with items like meeting pods, lounge furniture, or mobile height-adjustable desks that can be moved around as needed.

The most important factors when structuring a workplace are ensuring that your employees feel comfortable, that they have enough space, and that they have flexibility to work efficiently.

5. What kinds of services do you provide?

Everything from free 3D design services (customized space planning for your unique office space and needs), to project management (our team can handle all meetings and coordination with general contractors and other project teams), to on-site installation, ensuring everything is set up and ready to go for your team’s return.

6. Can you tell us more about your Design Trade Program?

We work with many interior designers and have even helped several take their businesses to the next level. We provide them with a Trade Concierge Team that helps with specifying furniture, space planning, and even providing 3D images of their clients’ unique spaces with furniture in place to help their clients visualize what the designers are proposing. We’re a complete team of office furniture experts at their disposal, free of charge.

Additionally, we give designers exclusive discounts and sneak peeks to upcoming promotions and products.

7. What kinds of products do you sell?

Juniper offers all the furniture you need for your office space, from wall to wall. We have industry-leading turnaround times and many of our products ship within 48 hours. From workstations to lounge furniture, to conference and collaboration tables, we offer the full gamut of what businesses need to set up a healthy, productive, and beautiful workplace.

Offices can be accented with useful accessories like dividers, moss walls, storage solutions, and whiteboards. We also carry a variety of meeting pods, private phone booths, cubicles, reception desks, and even kids’ desks!

8. How do you envision a healthy post-pandemic office/home office?

I think balance is key in the post-pandemic office. Employees will not feel comfortable returning to the cubicles or benching farms of the past. Today, offices need to provide space for employees to focus, space for collaboration, and space for recharging – all while having adequate room for people to stay safely distanced. Things like hand sanitizer and wipes have become pretty standard, so those should be made available for the teams as well.

9. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

The products we offer, our unique factory-direct offerings, the speed of delivery, the customized, full-service solutions we provide, and the fact that you can outfit your entire office space entirely with Juniper. And of course, knowing all of our services are backed by industry-leading warranties, and supported by a team of trusted office furniture experts with more than 103 combined years of experience.

10. How can people order your products?

There are several ways to order. You can shop directly on our site www.juniperoffice.com, or call/email our team to handle the heavy lifting or help determine what you need: 866-999-0955  hello@juniperoffice.com.

11. Where do you see Juniper Office in the next 5 years?

Juniper will continue to grow by adding products to our catalog and helping many more busy business owners/managers create the perfect workspaces for their employees – both in office and remote. As more people experience the quality of our products and team, they’ll understand that we are trusted experts in everything office.

As we’ve witnessed recently, working trends will continue to change and evolve, and Juniper will be there to support people no matter where they work in the new “dual-office culture.”

About Juniper Office

Juniper Office is the simple way to outfit flexible workspaces. Focusing on excellent service, dependable speed, and commercial-grade quality, Juniper empowers its clients to create their dream offices through curated products and business solutions like project management, installation services, and free design and 3D space planning. A portion of all desk and table sales are donated to the National Forest Foundation and used for reforestation efforts.


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