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The dangerous and harmful effects of smoking from being proven and well documented by scientists, medical experts, and health organizations. Yet, sales and stocks of cigarette companies continue to skyrocket with every passing year.

Newer entrants in the field of smoking like vapes have fuelled the habit among a new and younger generation of the population. With developing and underdeveloped accounting for new sales and growth markets, health hazards and risks are also growing.

Even though cigarette companies have been barred from mainstream advertising, marketing, and digital presence, they have been cleverly able to attract and engage the interest of individuals thanks to guerrilla strategies.

In this resource article, we are attempting to list down the many ways in which smoking is harmful to the body. We take help from the experts at Miswakaan Health and integrate pointers that have been compiled by their experts.

Smoking affects every part of the human body in negative ways

According to health experts, smoking equally affects the different parts of the human body. Let us look at some of the major body areas that it affects-

1. Nervous System

At the heart of smoking is the chemical component called Nicotine. This is the addictive substance that starts making you crave cigarettes. Over a period, nicotine starts interfering with your body’s nervous system and shifts your mood between irritated, anxious, depressed, and more. If you tend to give up smoking, you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

2. Cardiovascular Health

For the uninformed, smoking is one of the major causes that leads to the onset of heart diseases. It weakens the performance of the arteries, muscles, and veins that play an important role in maintaining heart health and fitness. This not only leads to weakened performance but also results in clotting, wear and tear, and muscle damage in and around the heart areas.

3. Respiratory Illnesses

Smoking increases the risks of contracting bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung cancers. It results in the destruction of all the micro nodes of the lungs that process and separate the oxygen from the air and filter it onto the bloodstream. COPD is also a common respiratory illness that has been associated with most individuals that smoke regularly.

4. Sexual Health

Smokers tend to have lower sperm count, sexual drive, and inability to reach orgasms naturally. For women that smoke, natural lubrication that flows from the vagina gets restricted leading to unpleasant sexual experiences. It can lead to infertility and other complications with reproductive health for both men and women. Low sexual hormones are also a direct fallout.

5. Skin, Hair, and Nails

Studies have revealed that smoking tends to destroy the natural progression of the skin. It leads to individuals looking more aged, promotes the early onset of wrinkles, and leads to midlife hair fall. A lot of experts have also pointed out that the chances of fungal infections affect more smokers than non-smokers. Additionally, skin cancer is also a serious health risk for smokers.

Smoking gives rise to Cancerous Cells in the Human Body

There are innumerable studies that have demonstrated the impact of smoking on cancer-forming cells. Tobacco contains various carcinogens that play a vital role in giving rise to different cancers.

Tobacco is associated with different forms of cancer. Some of them are- oral cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia. It is by far the strongest element that leads to the development of cancerous cells in the human body.

Did you know that of all the lung cancer deaths in the United States in 2019, smoking was responsible for more than 80% of them! The numerous symptoms associated with lung cancer are well documented online and will typically vary depending on how far cancer has progressed.

Some Dangerous Chemical Elements present in Tobacco

You might think of tobacco as a naturally occurring element that is grown agriculturally. While the raw material is grown agriculturally, several dangerous chemicals are added to it to give it taste, addictive qualities, color, and flavor.

The following are some dangerous chemicals that are present in the cigarette that you smoke-

  • Tar- This is carcinogenic that causes cancer and causes your nails and hands to turn yellow and black. Tar is the solid residue that comes in the form of ashes and smoke from the cigarette.
  • Carbon Monoxide- Inhaling carbon monoxide in larger quantities can cause death. The CO released from smoking impairs the lung and its cells over a long period. This leads to asthma, breathing troubles and weakens the lungs forever.
  • Metals- Your humble cigarette contains traces of some of the most dangerous metals like arsenic, nickel, cobalt, cadmium, and beryllium. All these metals have been directly linked to cancer-causing
  • Oxidizing Chemicals- These chemicals are present to impart taste, flavor, and color to tobacco. They are also present in the white paper rolls. They bind with tissues of the heart and cause attacks, lead to clogged arteries and block blood vessels.

The Final Word

In this article, we have tried to list down some of the many ways in which smoking is harmful to the human body. If you feel you will be unable to give up this addiction on your own, you should work with experts and therapists that can guide you on the right track with regards to this addiction.

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