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Mobility aids are indispensable devices, present in the lives of all people suffering from any kind of temporary or permanent injury, physical disability or old age. All of them require these aids for greater support and stability while walking, preventing falls or in the most serious cases, for moving from one point to another.

Now that you can easily buy mobility aids people are able to cope with their injuries and disabilities in a more confident and independent way, not letting them affect their normal life.

There’re numerous mobility products providers, such as http://stairliftsnj.net/, offering various types of aids depending on one’s needs.

Learn more about their main types and uses.


Canes are undoubtedly one of the most commonly used types of mobility aids, since they’re convenient for people who are capable of walking, but need to employ a certain device for support. Their primary purpose is to transfer the weight from the lower to the upper part of the body, thus keeping a balance and preventing anticipated falls.

In fact, there’re multiple types of canes, each of them dissimilar to the others in terms of usage. For instance, the white canes are particularly made for people suffering from impaired vision. Apart from their typical white color, another feature which makes them different than the other types is being longer and thinner in size.

Moreover, these canes are beneficial both for the people who use them, as they serve to inspect the environment for potential hindrances, but for the passers-by on the street as well. They’re a clear sign that the people who use them are either blind or have issues with their vision, in order to be more careful.

Among the other widely-used types of canes are the forearm ones, convenient for those users who don’t want to put the whole pressure on their wrists, dispensing it over the whole length of the arm.

In case you’re looking for a sturdy variant of cane, then the quad one would be the perfect choice for you, as this stick has four feet on the bottom, serving far better support. Click here to read all the necessary information on quad canes, their features and usage.

Anyhow, bear in mind that prior to getting any of the above-mentioned types of sticks, pay a visit to your doctor in order to determine the right one for you.


Walkers are mobility aids made of metal, designed in the form of a frame with either four or two legs, depending on the type. They’re convenient for people who are limited in their walking abilities, but at the same time, don’t have enough strength to use a cane. Walkers are being lifted by people who use them, putting them ahead of them and making a step to reach the distance.

Furthermore, some variants have wheels, so that the users don’t lift them, but move them more smoothly. This variant along with the knee walker are also equipped with a seat, in order for the user to rest when needed.


Another commonly used mobility aid is crutches, being used separately or in a pair. These are suitable for people who have had an injury or have some sort of a permanent handicap.

The underarm variant is convenient for people who are struggling with an injury and require a temporary support. Conversely, the forearm variant is more appropriate solution for people dealing with a long-lasting injury. The least commonly used crutches are the platform ones, as these are particularly designed for patients suffering from cerebral palsy (CP) or a severe form of arthritis.


Wheelchairs are either pushed by the person sitting in them or by another person, if the patient isn’t able to do it by himself/herself. There’s even a special type of sport wheelchairs, designed for users who don’t allow their disability toimpede them from doing sport. It’s important to shop around for mobility items, such as by checking out Mobility Plus Colorado in Denver and other companies, to find items that are best for you! Those who specialize in mobility can help you purchase the right wheelchair and other items.

Wrap up

Choosing the right mobility product, largely depends on your injury or disability.

Always consult with a doctor prior to purchasing one!

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    I wanted to buy wheelchair for my grandpa. Just wanted to which type of wheelchair to buy as I wanted to purchase one which would put less strain on his aging arms at the same would provide him independence so that he woudn’t need an attendent to carry him everywhere.


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    Having a mobility aid at hand can make them feel that they don’t need to be dependant on other people. If they can do different things individually, they will feel confident and be in a better mood during all daily activities.


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