DentistryHealthcareThe Link Between Poor Oral Health And Other Diseases

Oral health is of vital importance to everyone. It can be as simple as the impact that it has one your ability to eat, and the way that bad nutrition affects you.

Any time there is bacteria from an infection in your body it can cause negative repercussions throughout your system.

Far from just having effects on an immediate basis, it can actually have long reaching effects on your health.

1. Oral health As An Indicator Of Bad Physical Health

Teeth and their condition can tell you a lot about a person and their general health.

Damage can be done to the back teeth in the mouth if someone is suffering from reflux.

You may look at someone’s teeth and if they are discolored or they do not appear to be strong and healthy you can see that there is some kind of deficiency in the person’s diet.

Lesions in the mouth can be an early indicator of conditions as diverse as Crohn’s’s Disease, Celiac Disease, or even HIV. Getting regular check ups often means that these things can be caught early on.

2. Teeth & Mental Health

It has been found that people who suffer from mental health issues are more likely to have poor oral health.

Not being able to smile because of bad teeth causes people to withdraw, and can impact negatively on social interactions, making people with anxiety problems worse. The experts at Commack Family Dental say that often times patients come in seeking to fix their smile to help with social anxiety.

The tendency to neglect personal hygiene is one result of bad mental health leading to bad teeth. Sometimes the medication which people are on causes bruxism or grinding of the teeth. It can become a vicious circle, where the oral health problems and the pain exacerbate the mental condition, and that causes the person to take even worse care of their teeth. If a person’s teeth are very crooked and affecting the posture of their jaw, invisalign may be worth looking into – learn more.

3. Teeth And The Heart And Brain

A number of conditions that you might not readily associate with bad oral health have been shown to have very real connections.

Both dementia and heart disease can be affected adversely by the bacteria that problems with oral health generate. The bacteria gets into the bloodstream, and causes damage and inflammation. It also weakens further any areas where you already have damage.

Bacteria puts your body under a lot of stress, and as more research is done, it just reinforces the notion that maintaining good oral health has very long term consequences for your overall health. Many people aren’t aware that dentists also treat sleep apnea problems like loud snoring. Learn about the symptoms.

4. Fertility And Childbirth

Pregnant women, with the shifting hormones in their body can already be prone to a number of different conditions, but one that might not immediately come to mind is the effect that bacteria can have on them and their unborn baby.

When the bacteria from an infected tooth gets into the bloodstream it can actually cause problems such as premature labor, and low birth weight in babies.

It can cause infertility issues further down the line as well.

The good news is that it is safe to get a dental cleaning and minor dental work during pregnancy, but if you have any concerns you should bring them up with your dentist.


The great news is that oral health is not hard to maintain. It may take some time to correct long standing dental issues, but having a daily regime where you take care of your teeth and gums is as simple as brushing and flossing, and maybe using a mouthwash.

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