GeneralThe Content of Your Ideal Resume

There is no perfect template for writing a resume, but for the ease of perception of the information you want to convey to a potential employer or recruiter, it should be structured in a certain way and contain several standard blocks.

The first block is Background Information

These are usually listed at the top of the page and include:

  • Surname, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth.
  • Do I include my age? This is more of an accepted rather than a must. It’s up to you to decide. People between the ages of 25 and 45 have an advantage in getting a job.
  • Contact information (e-mail address, phone numbers).

The same block can include marital status, the presence of children. Marital status should be written in accordance with your passport data. Do not mention civil marriage, even if you are in one. No one is encroaching on your personal freedom, but in the eyes of the employer it looks a little infantile. If a person can be “a little bit married,” it is quite possible that when they come to work, they will be “kind of working.

You can put a “formal-looking” photo of yourself (face or shoulders) on top of your resume.

Second block – Purpose

Specify the exact title of the position you want. Its wording should exactly match how it is stated in the ad or on the website.

Third Block – Education.

This block is usually divided into major and minor education. Educational institutions are listed in reverse chronological order.

Basic education: second higher education, institute, technical school, college.

Additional education: internships, refresher courses, training courses, seminars. Your strengths are all sorts of awards from various competitions, Olympiads, participation in conferences, publications.

The fourth block – Professional Experience


  • Date of hire and date of dismissal.
  • Name of the company in full.
  • The line of business of the company.
  • Title of position.
  • Key responsibilities, preferably in detail.
  • Acquired skills, achievements.
  • Reason for dismissal.

You should be careful with the last point. It is not recommended to write in the resume: did not get along in the team, there were conflicts with the supervisor, a shortage was revealed. In this case, the chances of getting a position are greatly reduced. It is better to write: at his own request, for career growth, interested in working in this company.

Block 5 – Computer skills

Many companies require computer skills. Must specify in the resume the level of computer skills: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Also prescribed knowledge of the programs with which the applicant had to work. If the work is connected with computer skills it is necessary to describe relevant skills. Relevant for office workers, cashiers, economists, programmers.

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