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There are some challenges posed by changes in an organisation such as an acquisition or a merger, but these are not the type of thing that a company cannot overcome.

It might sound cliché, but change is inevitable whether for an organisation or an individual. Change can occur as a result of a buyout, a merger, an acquisition, new managers, downsizing, or even some form of digital transformation. Any of these changes may cause uncertainty amongst your employees; there may be fear or there may be excitement.

If these types of changes are not managed in the correct manner, then problems may arise and as a result of this employees may even leave. For anyone in a managerial position it is important to accept the responsibility that is necessary to ensure that you employees have the tools they need to cope. Dealing with change can be tricky but here are some things you can do to help the process.

Consider every step of a transition

There will be questions from your employees as soon as any change is mentioned. This is certainly normal, and it is good to encourage discussion. You need to be in possession of the answers and when you don’t have them, assure your employees that you will work to find them.

Communication is always key and will help you whether you need to deal with mistakes or complaints, and there may be both, as everyone tries to adapt to the new situation. Don’t forget to remind your employees that it is still important to follow any standard procedures for operation so that there are no security issues.

All of this will give your employees confidence and make them feel motivated to deal with the changes.


Change management consultants will tell you the communication is the key to everything, and it really is. It might not be easy, but it is certainly necessary. Communicate how the changes will be implemented to your staff.

Tell them about any tasks, timelines, and expectations that you might have. Discuss with them how you plan to make the adjustments and make sure that they understand how much you value their input.

Progress reports

It is never a bad thing to give your employees an update, so once you are a couple of months into the new set up, discuss the progress that has been made. By doing this your employees will be comforted to know that things are progressing and not nearly as scary as they might have believed.

This will also give you an opportunity for your employees to feedback to you any positives and negatives so that you can work together to find new solutions.

Small wins matter

It will take time for you to see that big changes that you want so to make sure that you celebrate the little wins as you go. This will allow your employees to see that things are progressing, and they have an important part to play.

Positive mindset

Where there is change there is resistance. Try to avoid focusing on the resistance itself and instead turn your attentions to addressing the reasons employees are resistant to change. Employees need a manager who is strong and will be in control, no matter what changes need to be made.

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