Health ITQuantum Healing And Hypnosis: How New Technologies Are Used For Healing

Holistic healing is an all-encompassing form of healing that aims to heal the body, psyche, spirit, and emotions for ideal health and well-being. The essential objective of holistic healing is to increase and maintain an appropriate balance in one’s life. In holistic healing, it’s believed that if one is struggling in one aspect, it causes a ripple effect on other elements. Holistic healing techniques are considered to be some of the new-age practices that more people are moving towards as they move away from pharmaceutical drugs and western medicine.

According to adherents to holistic healing, everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves and fix the causes of their ailments and not just the symptoms that manifest as a result of them. In line with holistic and self-healing techniques, what is quantum healing? Quantum healing hypnosis is an example of new age holistic healing technologies that have helped many people heal themselves.

1. What Is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

The belief in quantum healing is that a change in consciousness delivers significant recovery of the mind as well as the body. This is the belief that all diseases begin and end in the mind. Since the mind is consciousness, it’s where our thoughts are created, and we can create any thoughts we desire to. This means that people have the power to control the outcome and experiences of diseases or lack of because the answer is in the altering of the mind. It’s the belief that in the right circumstances, people can heal themselves by the power of their thoughts.

One of the emerging holistic quantum healing techniques is The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon, who has worked with many people in her 50-year career as a hypnotherapist. During the many years of her exploration with hypnosis on her clients, Dolores discovered this technique. The quantum healing hypnosis technique is done by inducing one into a state of trace, and this is done through visualization. This state of trance is known as the somnambulistic state. Many hypnotists have been wary about working with subjects in this state, but Dolores found that it assisted them by uncovering lost recollections from reincarnation and past lives.

As she worked with her clients through past life regression sessions, Dolores found that one’s higher self can be contacted and communicated with. She discovered that there was a link between past lives, the higher self, and current life experiences. Ultimately, she believes that what one went through in their past lives can affect their experiences in their current lives. This means that the diseases or ailments that one might be currently experiencing can be linked to past occurrences which may not have been consciously faced, hence the presence of diseases.

The Quantum healing hypnosis technique helps clients to contact and communicate with their higher selves and have access to their subconscious mind. According to Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners, when the higher self is revealed to you, you can discover the answers to questions that you may have needed to be addressed.

2. What To Expect In A Quantum Health Hypnosis Session?

In a quantum healing hypnosis session, the main objective is to provide an inclusive and holistic healing experience for clients. This means that the experiences of quantum healing hypnosis will vary from one person to another.

A practitioner is to ask a client questions about current affairs to have an understanding of the client’s life and any concerns and struggles that they may have. The client is then induced into hypnosis. While they’re hypnotized, the client’s higher-self will manifest and determine the direction in which the session will go.

The practitioner will be able to obtain the necessary information on behalf of the client. This information varies depending on what the higher self deems necessary at the time. Many times, this includes reasons for certain issues or ailments in the life of the client.

3. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique And Healing

Practitioners claim that quantum healing and hypnosis has had a profound effect on many people as it searches for the causes of ailments while addressing symptoms at the same time. This technique assists people in answering questions about their purpose in life and addresses limiting beliefs. It has also been said to help clients heal themselves of many diseases that have manifested physically, such as cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, chronic pain, and many more.

The practitioner asks the higher self for the factors causing certain diseases in the client. The causes of illnesses can be linked to childhood or past-life traumas, for example. If the higher-self says that healing is possible at that time, then healing occurs. This is said to happen immediately, with no medication or any discomfort. Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique has been very challenging for many to come to terms with as the physical healing is instantaneous and considered miraculous.

Due to the belief that all disease starts in the mind, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner could help anyone who believes to heal themselves of any disease.


The belief that individuals are more than just body, mind, and soul separately has evolved into one of interconnectedness. There’s a growing realization that all different aspects of an individual are intertwined and inter-dependent. People are now making the move to more holistic forms of healing. The ever-increasing methods of holistic practices and techniques have come with people exploring various ways of holistic healing.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique is one such method of holistic healing. This technique merges past life regression and communication with the subconscious mind for holistic healing. The process allows a practitioner to help a client face suppressed trauma, purpose finding, or limiting beliefs. The practitioner can further play the role of assisting a client to achieve self-healing. Keep in mind that the outcomes of a healing session aren’t uniform, as each experience a unique healing process. Quantum Healing Hypnosis may be a path to consider achieving possible holistic healing and self-understanding.

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