GeneralPros and Cons of Aluminium and Steel Ute Trays

If you are searching the market for Ute trays, one of the most basic questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want a steel or aluminium tray. It will likely come down to your personal preference, however there are advantages and disadvantages to both steel and aluminium.

Pros and cons of steel Ute trays

The problem with steel trays is that they are heavy, so if weight is a consideration, then steel isn’t your best option. Weight can be a problem for both commercial and recreational owners, because both may want to carry very heavy loads in their Ute trays, which is going to be compromised by the heavy weight of the steel.

Steel is also prone to corrosion, so that’s going to be a long term maintenance issue, particularly for Utes that are garaged or driven near the coast or on the beach. These two problems, weight and corrosion, are definitely solid reasons for avoiding steel Ute trays, but there is one good reason why you might reconsider.

This is because steel is not just strong, it’s very strong, and it’s durable and can take a serious beating. These qualities often far outweigh the other issues that come with using steel for Ute trays, but if none of this sounds like the right option to you – it’s likely you need an aluminium tray.

Pros and cons of aluminium Ute trays

One of the biggest reasons why aluminium trays are so popular is because they are lightweight. This means that you can generally throw as much as you need in the back of your Ute and you are good to go! Recreational owners can throw all their camping gear, generators and fridges inside with a tinny on top and commercial owners can store tools, timber, bags of concrete and just about anything else you can imagine in the back of their Utes.

Aluminium Ute trays are also very resistant to corrosion, which is a massive benefit for anyone who lives near the coast or spends a lot of time near salt water. The only reason you wouldn’t want an aluminium tray is because you need to carry very heavy loads, above the tolerance of an aluminium tray.

Other considerations when selecting Ute trays

Once you have decided on steel or aluminium, there are other questions that you need to answer, because you will need to choose the canopy, and the internal and external accessories. There are three different types of canopies and lots of different accessories, and your choice will be determined by how you use your Ute.

As far as canopies are concerned, you can select between full, partial or a tools module. A full canopy completely encloses the tray and comes with three lift-up doors for easy access. A partial canopy offers both part lockable enclosure and part open body, and a tools module has an open centre aisle with tool lockers along the sides. All can be installed on either aluminium or steel Ute trays. Accessories include roof racks, bull bars, ladder slides, gas bottle carriers, shelving, drawer units and storage bins.

You can also purchase off-the-shelf Ute trays or have them customised to suit your exact needs.

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