GeneralProper Garage Car Storage Explained

Owning an exotic sports car, a classic vehicle or another cherished dream car is something that many car enthusiasts hope for someday. To keep your beautiful ride looking great, it’s best to store it in a garage and keep it protected from the elements, such as wild weather, street grime, pollution and other environmental concerns. Just having a garage doesn’t mean your car will be safe from wear and tear. It’s also essential to know what supplies to buy, like the best car duster, and strategies for garage storage to keep your vehicle looking showroom-ready. Here is advice to help you get the most out of a vehicle you simply want to show off.

Must Have for Garage Stored Vehicles

Protect your vehicle with a few recommended car storage supplies that are designed to keep your car safe from damage. Car storage bags are a popular option for owners who want to cover their vehicles and leave them less susceptible to dust and dirt. A bag can be custom made to fit the make and model of the car, motorcycle or truck.

Some vehicle owners go with a car storage bubble for a cover that protects the vehicle but also allows you to still see its beauty. A bubble is a great choice for vintage vehicles that are vulnerable to damage when left unprotected.

When storing a vehicle, you also need to consider the tires. Some experts advise that garage stored vehicles should be equipped with tire jacks to keep the tires from getting flat or damaged. Tire jacks help redistribute the vehicle’s weight and prevent some parts of your tires from becoming overloaded and uneven. 

How To Care for Your Garaged Vehicle

Cars that are primarily stored or garaged and don’t get driven very often need different maintenance tasks to keep them at their peak. Before putting the vehicle in the garage, make sure it gets all required maintenance jobs performed, such as fluid replacements and oil changes. Make sure the car is treated with some sort of lubrication material on the weather stripping to prevent rust before storing it.

Even if you have no plans to drive the car, be sure it’s filled with gas to keep it from building up varnish. It’s best to jack up the car and leave the air in the tires filled at a low pressure point to help avoid wear and tear on the tires.

Some garages may be home to rodents, such as rats, mice or squirrels. In the winter, a quiet, warm vehicle may be a tempting place for these animals, so you’ll need to seal up different parts of your car to keep them from nesting and doing damage. Plug up the exhaust and the air filter intake pipes with steel wool to prevent unwelcome guests from turning your car into their next home. Be sure to remove the material before turning the engine on again.

A garage stored vehicle requires some specific supplies and special care instructions that are different from a standard car you drive regularly on the road. Follow these tips to help your garage vehicle stay gorgeous and maintain its value and quality craftsmanship for many years.

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