Covid-19InterviewOrbita Releases New No-cost COVID-19 Chatbot: Interview

Orbita released a new No-cost COVID-19 Chatbot, enabling healthcare organizations to quickly integrate Coronavirus Q&A and screening tools into existing websites. Since announcing its no-cost COVID-19 Screener and Knowledge Base Chatbot, Orbita announced an expansion of its COVID-19 solutions to include COVID-19 Navigator, COVID-19 Health Check, and COVID-19 Employee Health Check. To learn more about the COVID-19 Chatbot, we conducted an interview with Orbita.

1. Can you tell us more about the Orbita COVID-19 Chatbot?

Orbita’s COVID-19 Chatbot is designed to help organizations support and screen patients concerned about the potentially deadly and highly contagious coronavirus (COVID-19). Using clinically vetted content from the CDC,  these solutions can be used by health systems, employers, public health agencies and others to help organizations respond to demands to scale their front-line response. Orbita is offering its baseline screening and patient education tool at no cost.

2. What solution set options are available from Orbita?   

  • Free version: A COVID-19 Screener & Knowledge Base – This turnkey chatbot can be deployed to an existing website in just hours – to educate individuals and deliver  symptom checking. The fully working version of this chatbot is available at
  • Premium: A COVID-19 Screener & Knowledge Base plus Navigator – Provides robust Q&A and screening capabilities as well as customization to automate next step actions such as scheduling virtual or in-person visits, talking with a live or online chat agent, or requesting review of specific patient education material.
  • Health Check – Supports symptomatic and at-risk individuals as they manage symptoms, using secure assessments that can be pushed through chatbot, text-message or phone calls at a regularly scheduled cadence.
  • Employee Health Check– Helps employers screen, check-in and manage their employees to provide support for both front-line and remote employees alike — to optimize employee health, direct individuals to supportive resources, and provide clearance for work.

3. How do entities deploy the COVID-19 Chatbot?

The no-cost version of the Orbita COVID-19 Chatbot can be added to a website in just hours using a single code snippet. Organizations gain access to this tool by visiting and providing basic registration information including a domain or subdomain on which the chatbot will be deployed. With the no-cost version, Orbita offers limited customization for organization-specific branding and disclaimers.

4. How does it work for end users?  

Once installed by an organization, end users can access the chatbot by clicking on a single button on a public website, portal, intranet, etc. The bot walks users through questions and provides answers. Based on individual responses, the bot intelligently walks users through predefined conversational workflows to guide subsequent question-answering.

Ultimately, the bot provides a specific recommendation to the end user (to schedule a virtual visit, call a provider, visit an emergency department, review educational information, etc.) Unlike other more “static” bots, this COVID-19 chatbot relies on Orbita’s robust back-end knowledge graph architecture and is frequently updated with the guidelines from the CDC and other clinical sources such as the Mayo Clinic.

5. What types of organizations deploy this tool? 

Many types of organizations can benefit from deploying this chatbot on public facing websites, intranets, portals and beyond, including:

  • health systems making it available to the general public, existing patients, etc.
  • large employers offering it to employee groups
  • health plans targeting specific member populations

As this situation changes rapidly, Orbita remains as agile as possible in responding to the most pressing needs of our customers. We are responding to interest from governmental and other non-commercial agencies across the globe seeking information about the value of Orbita’s chat, voice and conversational AI technologies and healthcare applications.

6. Can this tool be customized or extended? 

While extended capabilities are not available in the no-cost version of the software, Orbita is actively involved in supporting COVID-19 deployments across a wide range of organizations seeking to  customize chatbots, voice applications, and other virtual engagement offerings. The solution can be integrated with existing appointment scheduling and telemedicine services. Organizations can also embed custom content or content from other third-party sources.

7. Why are organizations leveraging chatbots as a first line response to COVID-19?

In light of this pandemic, healthcare providers are flooded with symptomatic or at-risk patients who are unsure of whether they need to be seen by a provider. Due to the highly contagious nature of this virus, organizations are turning to chatbot and virtual triage technologies to scale front-line response. Another population, the worried well, may be inclined to seek information from many sources. Automating their question-answer needs frees up existing resources to respond to this crisis.

8. Why are you providing the tool free of charge?

Orbita is providing the screening chatbot tool at no cost to respond to the needs of an industry dealing with the urgency, seriousness, and complexity of COVID-19. We are striving to provide immediate value to our clients and partners who are on the frontline in this crisis.

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