DentistryLyme Disease And Tooth Decay Treatment And Prevention

Treating an illness can cost you a fortune. It’s high time we realize that preventing the illness is better than treating it.

We must improve our daily cleanliness and hygiene practices to avoid harmful and painful diseases.

Prevention from diseases like Lyme disease and tooth decay needs lots of dedication.

Here is a list of preventive methods to prevent Lyme disease and tooth decay.

Lyme Disease:

Lyme disease is a rapidly growing vector-borne bacteria. It travels into our bodies if we get bitten by black-legged ticks. Farm animal owners and pet parents usually catch this disease faster as the ticks attract animal skin. The disease spreads more viciously during the spring-summer season.

  • Major symptoms:

You may witness conditions like fever, headache, fatigue, and a conditional skin rash. The disease can directly affect your nervous system, joints, and heart function if you neglect your condition.

  • Recommended treatments:

This disease requires a prescribed intake of heavy antibiotics.

Steps to prevent Lyme disease:

  • Achieve a tick-free zone around your home:

Chop rough bushes and grass off your lawn regularly. Seal all mouse holes and get tick tubes installed. Keep the deer away from your property. Fence your lawn to keep your area restricted from wild growth.

  • Take caution while moving outdoors:

Outdoor adventure lovers must practice tick-safety measures to avoid Lyme disease. Stay at a distance from dense woods and wild overgrowths such as tall grass and debris-infected grounds.

  • Cover up and keep clean:

Wear protective clothing and rub thick layers of repellents on your skin before starting your expedition. Spray pesticides on your clothes to avoid tick contact. Clean yourself up after returning from your outdoor tour. Wash your body and clothes vigorously.

  • Self-check:

Make it a habit to check your clothes, soles of shoes, knees, head, underarms, navel, and back if you have the slightest tingling sensation. Help your kids and family with a self-check routine right after entering the home. If you find one, immediately remove it with a tweezer.

  • Call tick terminators:

If you feel your home is already infested with ticks, it is imperative to call the experts and get your house fully cleansed.

Tooth Decay:

The cavity causes tooth decay. This permanently damaged area in your tooth or teeth causes tiny holes.

  • Evident symptoms:

You most definitely have tooth decay if you suffer from bleeding or swollen gums, holes in teeth, sensitivity, and stained teeth.

  • Causes and consequences:

The most common causes include bacterial infection, excessive sugary drinks, eating processed foods, or not brushing your teeth properly. If tooth decay is not treated well within time, it can affect deeper layers and result in unbearable toothache, tooth loss, weight loss caused by difficulty in chewing, or worse, a dental plaque.

Steps to prevent tooth decay:

Keep good oral hygiene practices.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste:

Fluoride particles give your teeth strength and take out all unwanted dirt efficiently. Brush twice a day and do regular flossing. Use a mouth wash advised by your dentist.

  • Don’t miss dental checkups:

Get professional dental care regularly from your trusted dentist.

  • Get sealants for kids:

These transparent teeth covers can help save kids from tooth decay. They protect tooth enamel from plaque and acids.

  • Stay hydrated:

Drink lots of water, rinse your mouth frequently. Don’t stay dry-mouthed all day. Tap water is filtered with fluoride compounds. Give your teeth a good dose of fluoride.

  • Improve your eating habits:

Avoid having processed foods and beverages. Control your sugar and salt consumption. Stop excessive snacking.

Follow the vital steps of prevention from Lyme disease and tooth decay and lead a healthy life.

“Caution is better than cure.”

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