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As the global economy has started to reopen gradually, the world needs solutions to provide a safe environment for workers, customers, and travellers. Since most countries are running vaccination drives to achieve herd immunity, there are still some doubts about the safe reopening of human movement. So, global enterprises are introducing Covid Software solutions to instil confidence in the general public to resume economic activities without the fear of COVID-19 infection. 

In this post, we are going to list the most reliable solutions that empower governments and organizations to manage the global pandemic effectively and efficiently. 

#1 MatriX-iPass™ by HealthMatriX Technologies Pte. Ltd.


MatriX-iPass™ is an end-to-end solution designed to control the pandemic and safely reopen economic activities. AI-powered MatriX-iPass™ Covid Software solutions include: 

MatriX-iPass™ CLOUD – End-to-end service platform for test/vaccination verification, certificate issuance, and health status records management. 

MatriX-iPass™ Health Pass – A QR code-enabled health status certificate for instant verification. 

MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint App – App for authorities at access control points at physical locations to validate authentic health credentials.

MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App – An app for the general public to book vaccinations/tests and download their health status certificates. 

MatriX-iPass™ Verification Engine – A stand-alone SaaS solution for integrating document verification capabilities with existing LIMS. 

#2 IBM Health Pass

IBM’s Health Pass empowers businesses/individuals to restart safe movement during the pandemic. It enables businesses to:

  • Create entry measures for safe access to premises.
  • Access lab networks to help create secure digital health certificates for employees and customers.
  • Module to verify various types of COVID-19 health passports. 
  • Above all, a smartphone app to enable individuals to have control over the information they share.

#3 District Health Information Software (DHIS2) with COVID-19 Package

DHIS2, a popular solution used by over seventy countries as a national health information system. Specifically, its key objective is to report and analyze regular data related to public health. Features of different DHIS2 COVID-19 metadata packages are:

  • Infectious disease surveillance by registering and also tracking suspects.
  • Contact tracing to detect individuals who were in physical contact with suspects or positive people.
  • Logging travelers’ info who have been to the places with a high risk of COVID-19 infection.
  • COVID-19 aggregate surveillance for daily or weekly reporting.

#4 Go.Data 

WHO created Go.Data in collaboration with other members in the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network. Indeed, it is among the most reliable COVID Software solutions for outbreak investigation. Its primary COVID-19 management features include: 

  • Advanced metadata packages for countries conducting thorough research on COVID-19. For instance, detecting the First Few Hundred Cases (FFX) of COVID infection. 
  • Event & exposure registration. 
  • Contact tracing modules.

#5 Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS®)

It’s a mobile eHealth solution designed for effective disease control and outbreak management. Also, it is equipped with epidemiological analysis capabilities. Here is how SORMAS works as a Software Solution for COVID-19:

  • Register and track suspected cases
  • Patient information system for tracking COVID-19 symptoms
  • Contact tracing 
  • Manage vaccination drives
  • Disease reporting, which includes case counts, contact count, confirmation from the labs, and COVID death cases. 

#6 CommCare

CommCare enables governments and organizations to effectively manage the pandemic with pre-built templates for apps. CommCare’s primary template applications for COVID-19 response include:

  1. Contact Tracing, based on WHO First Few X (FFX) Cases Criteria. 
  2. Port of Entry Surveillance, especially to identify and report COVID-19 positive travelers and their contacts at entry points. 
  3. Sample Tracking and Lab Testing app template empowers authorities to manage tests as well as triage test reports. 

#7 KoboToolbox

KoboToolbox by Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is a suite of modules that facilitate field data collection in difficult circumstances, COVID-19, for instance. So, it’s popular among various organizations to effectively manage global health projects and respond to communicable diseases. 

  • Public agencies, governments, and also organizations requiring exclusive COVID-19 support can send a request to the KoboToolbox team. 

#8 Epi Info

Epi Info by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an advanced collection of interoperable software solutions. In particular, the solutions are created for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers. Here is how Epi Info helps with COVID-19:

  • Outbreak investigations.
  • Disease surveillance: data analysis, visualization, and also reporting.
  • Customizable COVID-19 case surveillance forms.

#9 Open Data Kit (ODK)

Data collection is the key to managing challenging environments, global pandemics, for instance. Thus ODK is an ideal solution for collecting offline data for disease surveillance. Here are the main uses of ODK for COVID-19 response:

  • Disease surveillance
  • Prompt diagnostics of infectious diseases
  • Vaccination trials
  • Managing data related to contact tracing

#10 CLEAR Health Pass

It is a flexible solution that enables employees, customers, and visitors to safely go back to work and travel. The users can:

  • Upload proof of immunization and negative disease test results.
  • Participate in health surveys.
  • Businesses can set up entry criteria for workers and customers and verify upon entrance whether they meet requirements or not. 

#11 IATA Travel Pass 

It is a secure mobile app that enables travelers to save and manage their health credentials, such as disease test results and vaccination records. In particular, it helps governments and the aviation industry to minimize the risks of COVID-19. The IATA Travel Pass helps different organizations in the following ways:

  • Governments can verify health credentials authenticity.
  • Airlines can save records of travelers and also can provide travelers with information on travel requirements.
  • Laboratories and healthcare organizations can issue travel passes to travelers. 
  • Travelers can get accurate details on test requirements, where to get vaccines or get tested, and also how to provide proof of vaccination/test results.

We hope your search for a perfect Covid Software Solution ends here! However, we would recommend reaching out to the providers for a demo to make the final decision.

This post has been sponsored by HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd

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