GeneralIs Dry Eye Syndrome Chronic? How Can You Deal With it on Time?

Just like any other part of our body, if you don’t take good care of your eyes, it can majorly affect your vision and overall eye health. Eye care should be an important part of your lifestyle to ensure proper functioning. Some people often complain of feeling dryness in their eyes which leads to itchiness, redness, and burning. If you feel the same, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome. When there is inadequate tear production in your eyes, it leads to inflammation and damage on the surface of the eyes.

If the symptoms match your conditions, you must be flooded with lots of questions. The most common question that pops into people’s heads is “is dry eye chronic?” You can find the answer below.

Is dry eye syndrome chronic?

First of all, understand that the word chronic refers to something that is going on for a long time. The symptoms of the disease may get better or worse, but do not vanish completely. Similarly, Dry eye syndrome can be temporary as well as chronic. Chronic dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes aren’t producing enough tears or your tears evaporate too quickly. You can feel dryness also due to inflammation in or around your eyes.

Environmental factors are the main cause of temporary dry eyes. wearing contact lenses for long or living in a dry or windy environment, are some reasons why you can develop temporary dry eyes. On the other hand, Chronic dry eye is often caused by any kind of underlying condition. Conditions like skin diseases near the eyes or problems related to the eye gland, and eye allergies can all lead to chronic dry eye. Fortunately, neither of these types of dry eyes is permanent and can be treated with a simple dry eye sleep mask. You can consult a doctor to reduce the symptoms, or before that, you can pick other remedies mentioned below in the list that you can try at home.

Natural remedies

Add tears

Adding artificial tears is the most common treatment provided for dry eyes. A wide variety of eye drops in different brands are available over the counter. No same product works for everyone, so you might have to consult a doctor to pick the one that is right for you or try a few before you find a suitable one. If you are dealing with chronic dry eye syndrome, continue the use of eye drops even if your eyes feel better, as it might be temporary and won’t stay the same for long. If you feel dryness even when you sleep, consider using a thick product, like an eye ointment, at night. You can also consider wearing airtight goggles while sleeping. This will create a mini “moisture chamber” for your eye.

Dry eye mask

Dry eye masks are a great invention that we need at a time when dry eyes have become a common problem. The dry eye mask is an eye pack filled with gel or silica beads that are heated and applied to the eyes. The warm gel provides comfort to irritated eyes. The silica beads also draw moisture from the air that provides lubrication to the dry eyes.

Quit smoking

Smoke is a big reason for irritated eyes that leave the dried out. You need to avoid exposure to smoke to cure dry eyes.

Hope you have found the answer to your question. Use these remedies to treat dry eyes at the initial level and don’t hesitate from visiting a doctor if the problem persists.

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