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Safe Hiring Solutions, one of the industry’s most thorough background check, employment screening, investigation, and verification firms, introduces SafeVisitor, a comprehensive and proprietary visitor screening and management system for institutions and corporations nationwide. On this occasion, we conducted an interview with Mike McCarty, Founder & CEO of Safe Hiring Solutions, to learn more.

1. Can you tell us more about SafeVisitor?

Mike McCarty, Founder & CEO of Safe Hiring Solutions

SafeVisitor Solutions is a scan in/scan out visitor management system that can also manage both your employee, volunteer, and vendor recheck requirements.  This solution is tied to our ArrestAlert service, that provides real time arrest monitoring.  SafeVisitor Solutions can also help you manage large events.  With our pre-registration link, clients are able to be better prepared for first time and infrequent visitors.

2. How can SafeVisitor enhance security?

The first step in security is managing and knowing who is entering your organization.

SafeVisitor authenticates all visitors to an organization that includes temporary visitors, volunteers, vendors/contractors and employees visiting satellite offices.  SafeVisitor can enhance your vetting process using biometrics, comprehensive background checks and ArrestAlert for frequent visitors who have been authenticated and later have a disqualifying arrest.  The optional National Sex Offender Search and Excluded Parties allows you to vet each visitor that arrives and ensure that are not excluded or on restricted access.

3. Who can use SafeVisitor?

Any organization or entity that experiences frequent scheduled or unscheduled visits by the public will benefit from our SafeVisitor Service.  Companies using a large force of volunteers will especially benefit from the real-time ArrestAlerts and re-checks and online application and volunteer management module.

4. How do you think SafeVisitor differs from its competitors?

SafeVisitor was developed by leading experts with backgrounds in law enforcement, security consulting with federal agencies such as U.S. Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as well as U.S. Secret Service, serving on Presidential Security Details, U.S. Navy Seal Team Members and security directors from large corporations.  SafeVisitor is the perfect integration of decades of security experience and cutting edge technology like palm vein, facial recognition, and ArrestAlerts. You know you are doing it right when the largest competitor in this space is trying to replicate wheat you do! And to top it off, we answer the phone, email or live chat when you have a question.

5. How do you think visitor screening and management systems will change in the coming 5-years? 

Security companies have to be focused on playing in the sandbox with other leading security solutions.  Many of our competitors are trying to become everything and as a result becoming mediocre at their core services.  We are focused on integrating with the “best in class” security providers so all of our collective clients win. Biometrics will play a huge role in visitor management over the next 5 years.

6. What recommendations would you like to provide for those willing to enter your business domain?

Solve real problems for clients.  All of our companies are solutions driven.  What are the critical problems facing your potential clients and can you solve that economically?  We are currently working on a solution that is a huge pain-point for our clients but most solutions are too expensive.  We will solve this using technology as it evolves. And never forget, it really is about the clients. They know what they need and your job is to solve it.

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