InterviewHumanitas Global Logistics: Interview with Stafford Carrington

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways that no one could have ever imagined and throughout the crisis, there has been a severe lack of medical supplies. Governments around the globe pleaded for a national effort to help combat coronavirus. Humanitas was birthed from philanthropist and entrepreneur, Stafford Carrington’s passion for helping improve people’s quality of life and providing opportunities for a better future.

To learn more, we conducted an interview with Stafford Carrington, CEO Humanitas.

Stafford Carrington, CEO Humanitas

1.Can you tell us more about Humanitas Global Logistics?

Humanitas Global Logistics is committed to the continuous delivery of reliable and creative healthcare products, with advanced technologies from all over the world. Since the business started earlier this year, we have grown from a team of 2 to 55 to ensure we are able to give our clients the service they deserve. We source goods from Asia and more expansively sourcing on demand products worldwide. We are well positioned to carry these products to clients across our networks and distribution channels. We work with the world’s leading logistics partners, meaning we are well placed to offer these goods in an expedited manner.

We are known for having good relationships with our distributors. We only form alliances with the best vendors in the world. Our relationships enable us to specialise in the full goods and services spectrum of the manufacturer with our ‘narrow and deep’ approach. Our goal is to put the brand new and well marketed healthcare products, of the world, in place to benefit humanity. By doing so, we aim to promote optimism, hope for a speedy recovery and a positive outcome for the future.

2. What was the motivation behind starting Humanitas?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people and believe everyone should have equal access to the fundamentals of life, good health and safety products.  I wanted do my part to help create positive change and save lives. I noticed that the lack of PPE was one of the reasons the death rates were climbing daily, especially in developing countries. The first thing I did was to source and donate product to healthcare workers in Africa. The demand for medical supplies didn’t stop, and I realised that the world has changed and our healthcare services and businesses would need the constant flow of quality medical supplies during Covid-19 and beyond. I focused on building alliances with great suppliers to distribute high standard products and equipment at a fair price.

3. What kinds of products and services do you provide?

We offer 360-degree pandemic solutions from consultancy to testing kits and we are committed to help stop the spread of the virus. We provide all your FDA approved safety essentials such as gloves, masks and hand sanitisers. We also offer testing equipment, ventilators and Covid-19 tests and we are constantly researching new market trends to ensure we meet our clients’ demands. Our sales ambassadors go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive their order quickly and efficiently. We offer round-the-clock care and we are transparent and honest in our dealings.

4. Who can benefit from the services and products Humanitas produce?

We offer our services to governments, NGOs, healthcare services, construction companies and small businesses. As lockdown restrictions all over the world have been lifted and businesses reopened the need for big quantities of PPE has increased. Many small businesses and construction companies in different areas of the world do not have enough PPE to protect themselves and their workforce. We are able to distribute product to every continent in the world and we work hard on a daily basis to ensure of clients never lack essential supplies.

5. How do you ensure the quick and efficient deliverability of supplies and services?

We have our own aircrafts and have partnered with delivery services such as FedEx to ensure our clients receive their goods as quickly as possible. We make the sales process so easy for our clients by providing proof of livestock quickly.  We will move as fast as our client needs us to and most of the time that means we sometimes have to work until early hours in the morning to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

6. How can Humanitas help in reducing the spread of COVID-19?

We provide everything businesses need to protect themselves and their workforce. In the current climate and even in years to come PPE and innovative medical devices is essential to deterring an outbreak like the Covid-19 pandemic. Essentially a constant supply of quality healthcare products will keep people safe and slow down the spread of coronavirus.

7. Was Humanitas just built to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Humanitas was built to help protect frontline workers and provide medical supplies to those that needed it most. We focused on helping individuals in our developing countries as a priority so they had the equipment they needed to protect themselves and save lives. However, we are just not here for the pandemic we aim to be an organisation that continues to supply the very best healthcare products to help aid rehabilitation from injury and illness. We will continue to conduct industry research and identify market trends to ensure we are providing essential product for businesses and our healthcare services for years to come.

8. Where do you see Humanitas in the next 5-years?

There’s lots of great things in the pipeline that we are planning to launch in the next few years. We are growing rapidly as the demand for medical supplies increases and our customer database. We are planning to build production factories and tracking watches which will identify individuals with viruses in the near future.

This interview has been sponsored by Humanitas

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