GeneralHow to Use WhatsApp Without A Mobile Number

WhatsApp was acknowledged to be one of the most popular platforms among  young people. It is a user-friendly and comfortable application for communication via the Internet. That is why different businesses desire having multiple WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp gives an opportunity not only to interact with clients easily and comfortably. It is also possible to manage your business team with the help of this service. And besides, this app is also perfect for private communication with your family and friends.

Though, how to separate all these possibilities in order not to mistake and write personal messages to your clients or business partners? Every app nowadays wants your real phone directory in order to send you an authentication code. Switching between the SIMs every time does not sound much comfortable, right? It is possible to have different WhatsApp accounts with the help of virtual mobile directories.

What Do You Need To Have?

You need to have only 3 things to use WhatsApp without a mobile numb. Here they are.

  • Obviously, since the directories are virtual, you need to have access to the Internet.
  • Then it is necessary to have an account on an sms receive online
  • Also it is crucial to have money on your balance in order to have the possibility of getting messages.

There is no need to use a physical directory for WhatsApp numb authentication.

What Do You Need To Do?

The process does not take much time and efforts. Everything is generated to be user-friendly.

  • Having registered on a virtual directory service that you trust and having replenished your balance, you need to order a numb. Choose the country that you need.
  • Then you should choose the application you need this numb for. In this case it will be WhatsApp.
  • Next, you should copy your virtual mobile directory to the corresponding field during registration on WhatsApp and wait for an authentication code.
  • If you have chosen a trustworthy company, the SMS will come in several minutes. The next step is copying the authentication code into the corresponding place on the app’s page.
  • Done! Complete the activation.

As you can see, using WhatsApp without your real phone numb is very simple. The only thing that may be hard is choosing a reliable virtual directory accommodation.

The main criteria for such an accommodation should be:

  1. safety;
  2. promptness;
  3. price policy;
  4. the variety of countries and numbs.

Since there are lots of them on the market, it might be a good idea to read some feedback before going with one.

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